The Brighton Beard Company Premium Gift Bundle | Limited Edition 5-Piece Beard Set Featuring Beard Oil, Shampoo Bar, Comb & Wash Bag

Material: Acetate beard comb
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Wet the beard and work Beard Shampoo Bar between your hands to create a lather. Rub the Shampoo down the lengths of your beard and massage in thoroughly to reach the skin beneath. Rinse out with warm water and leave the bar to air dry. Towel dry the beard, dispense 1-2 drops of Beard Oil into the hands and massage into the lengths of the beard and the skin. Avoid use on head hair which requires a much lighter product. Use as often as required. Warm a pea sized amount of Beard Balm between the palms and massage into the facial hair. for best results, use 2-3 times per week or more as required. Apply after doing your hair, as the oily balm will weigh down head hair.


  • The Brighton Beard Company

Other Features

  • Father's Day Gifts
  • Gift Box

Product Type

  • Beard and shave set

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