The Brighton Beard Company Double-Edge Safety Razor

Irritation-Free Shaving with Sustainable Plastic-Free Tool

Size: + 20 x Derby Premium blades
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The Brighton Beard Company Double-Edged Safety Razor is an irritation-free tool that's kind to skin as it removes facial hair with optimal precision to prevent new, ingrown hairs.

Designed to safely shave without nicks and cuts, it helps keep delicate skin smooth and free from irritation. It's a 100% plastic-free, sustainable alternative to plastic razors, that features a knurled, weighted handle to offer a firm grip and better control. So you can achieve a salon-standard shave from home.


  • Safe 

Designed to help prevent knicks and reduce irritation

  • Ergonomic 

The weighted handle allows for better control

  • Sustainable 

100% plastic-free with replaceable blades

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Other Features
  • Beard & Shave
Product Type
  • Safety razors
  1. Cover the desired area with shave cream or Alfriston Bergamot & Rose Geranium Beard Oil.
  2. Shave as usual and rinse the razor with water after each use.