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Sons The DHT Blocking Shampoo for Daily Use

Clinically Proven to Halt Men's Hair Loss & Strengthen Follicles

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Scientifically proven to halt male pattern hair loss, the Sons DHT Blocking Daily Men's Shampoo is formulated with Saw Palmetto that helps prevent the transformation of testosterone to DHT, which leads to hair loss.

It is specially developed to be used as part of your daily shower routine, strengthening the hair's follicles and improving hair quality over time. The shampoo also contains argan oil, iron and vitamin B3. This tried and tested formula is ideal for men with receding hairlines and mild to moderate hair loss. See noticeable results in just 6-12 months. 1-month option contains 1 bottle (200 ml), and 3-month option contains 3 bottles (200 ml each). 


    Proven track record & clinically proven

    Helps halt male pattern baldness or hair loss for men aged 18-65. Clinically proven and developed by a team of medical experts at Sons. This shampoo also does not develop the unknown* (and often damaging to both physical and mental health) side-effects of taking oral medication to halt or prevent male pattern baldness.

    Fast & effective results

    Noticeable regrowth of hair generally after 6-12 months of consistent daily use. Some may even experience results sooner (everybody is different and reacts differently).

    Enhanced hair health for men

    Packed with ingredients that help increase hair growth & strengthen the follicles.

    Simple to incorporate & easy on the wallet

    Incorporates easily into your everyday shower ritual; simply use it instead of your regular shampoo.



          *This product description is not intended to make any medical representations. For further information or queries on topics of medical use, speak to a qualified medical professional.

          • Sons
          Key Ingredients
          • Argan Oil
          • Iron
          • Saw Palmetto
          • Vitamin B3
          Other Features
          • Methylchloroisothiazolinone-free
          • Methylisothiazolinone-free
          Product Type
          • Hair loss treatment
          • Shampoo
          Routine Essentials
          • Step 1: Shampoo
          Specific Concern
          • Hair loss
          • Thinning hair
          • Promotion Sale
          1. Use once a day as part of your everyday shower routine.
          2. Massage into the scalp and leave in for approximately 60-90 seconds before rinsing out.
          • Saw Palmetto
          • Argan Oil
          • Iron
          • Vitamin B3/Niacin
          • Cedarwood Oil
          • Hibiscus
          • Amla Oil
          • Sage Oil
          • Rosemary Leaf Oil
          * Please be aware that the ingredients in the product may be changed from time to time by the manufacturer. For the most up to date list of ingredients, please refer to the list on the product package you receive.