SmileTime Teeth Whitening Pen

Teeth Whitening in an Instant with Handy Portable Pen

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The SmileTime Teeth Whitening Pen offers a super quick fix to your smile in just under 1 minute flat!

Simply paint onto your teeth and wait; perfect for elevating your smile before a big day or important selfie. The handy pen is super portable, so great for those last-minute touch-ups. It's also incredibly gentle on teeth, with zero sensitivity or pain.


  • Instant teeth whitening 

Use to lighten teeth on the spot, with results in just 60 seconds

  • Handy size

Perfectly pocket-sized, ideal for on the go

  • Gentle formulation 

Contains PAP, a peroxide alternative, causing zero impact on the gums and enamel

  • Fully regulated

Unlike many whitening products, SmileTime products are in keeping with UK and EU regulations

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  • SmileTime
  • Teeth whitening
Other Features
  • Female Founded Brands
Product Type
  • Teeth whitening pen
Specific Concern
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Teeth staining
  1. Take the cover from the pen. 
  2. Twist the handle till you see half a fingertip amount of pearly Teeth Whitening Gel at the tip of the brush. 
  3. Smile wide and stroke the brush on the visible parts of your teeth. 
  4. Let the serum set and dry, do not eat, drink or rinse for 20 minutes.