RUFFIANS Ultimate Hair Survival Kit (Hair Cream, Matt Clay, Hair Powder, Styling Paste, Marine Salt Spray)

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For best results, use the desired product to create your daily hairstyle. 




  • All hair types

Other Features

  • Hair products gift boxes

Product Type

  • Hair spray
  • Haircare and hair styling set
All your favourite RUFFIANS products in one neat kit, the RUFFIANS Ultimate Hair Survival Kit comes complete with everything you need to create your signature look at home. Each and every product is designed to make you look like you've just stepped out of the barbers, giving your hair everything it could possibly need to thrive. The crowd-favourite Hair Powder adds freshness between washes, while the brand's Hair Cream, Matt Clay and Styling Paste allow you to effortlessly create your go-to everyday style. The Salt Spray adds texture and every product boasts expert ingredients that directly contribute to the hair's long-term health and strength.

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