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Polished London Hydro XP Dental Capsule

5-Minute High Tech Sterilising for Retainers, Aligners + Dentures

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Clean your dental appliances using the latest in advanced dental cleaning technology and without using chemicals, with the Polished London Hydro XP Dental Capsule (200 ml Tank Volume).


Hydro Dental Capsule (x1)
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    It uses high-frequency sonic waves and a powerful Ultraviolet Type-C light to blast off bits and pieces of plaque or food! It offers a fast and convenient way to clean and sterilise dental aligners, retainers, dentures and mouthguards by using the latest in advanced dental cleaning technology, and without the use of chemicals. With a 5-minute cleaning cycle, it can help save you valuable time and effort, leaving you confident that your oral appliances are hygienic and ready to use.  



    It cleans and sterilises mouthguards, dental aligners, retainers and dentures


    In just 5 minutes, it can kill 99.9% of bacteria


    It helps remove the buildup of food debris and plaque

    Uses advanced technology

    Ultraviolet-C light with electroplating cleans and sterilises, with 42,000Hz ultrasonic frequency and 360 omnidirectional cleaning

    Auto switch off function

    With a 5-minute cleaning cycle, it offers an auto-off switch function

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      1. Open the lid and carefully fill the Dental Capsule tank with clean water before plugging it into a wall socket. Do not exceed the MAX water level shown.
      2. Place your dental appliance into the water and close the lid.
      3. Press the ON button - The blue indicator light will illuminate and a buzzing sound will be heard, this means the device is working. After 5 minutes the indicator light will turn off automatically, which means the sterilisation cycle is complete.
      4. After the cleaning process is completed, unplug the Dental Capsule, open the lid and pour out the water in the direction of the arrow.
      5. Rinse with clean water and wipe the tank dry after each use.
      6. Use it with the Polished London UV-C Toothbrush Head Steriliser for a better experience with your oral care products.