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Murdock London The Cologne Collection

Set of 4 Travel-Size Miniature Fragrances Featuring Black Tea, Patchou

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Murdock London The Cologne Collection features 4 travel-size unisex colognes - Black Tea, Patchouli, Avalon and Vetiver. 

The perfect gift for fragrance lovers, there is a stunning scent for every mood and occasion. Avalon captures the scent of cool Mediterranean evenings, Patchouli is a warm and exotic blend, Vetiver contains citrus notes with woody undertones, and Black Tea is a masculine aroma with hints of Nutmeg and Musk. Discover your new signature scent in this exclusive collection.


  • The ultimate gift set 

A collection of premium British mini colognes a collection of premium British mini cologne

  • Travel-friendly 

4 travel-size bottles to fit perfectly into your wash bag

  • A scent for every occasion 

From Vetiver to invigorating Black Tea and Patchouli

  • High-quality 

 Bestselling unisex scents made in England

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  • Murdock London
  • Made in UK
Key Ingredients
  • Black Tea
Product Type
  • Bath and body set
  • Eau de cologne
  • Musk
  • Nutmeg
  • Patchouli
  • Vetiver
  • Promotion Sale
  1. Apply a small amount of the cologne to your neck and wrist.
  2. Rub in well, then let dry for a few minutes before dressing.
  3. Cologne should be applied to pulse points such as wrists and neck since these areas are closest to the skin's surface and therefore warmest, helping fragrance release its scent more quickly than when applied to other areas of your body.

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