Jack Black Beard Grooming Kit

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Apply Beard Wash to face with warm water, massage and rinse. Follow with Beard Lube, working softly into damp beard, then shave as normal. For coarse hair allow the product to sit for 1 minute before proceeding to shave. Towel dry beard and then proceed to apply Beard Oil by rubbing 2-3 drops in palms before applying to beard area and massage. Use fingers or comb to achieve your desired style.


  • Jack Black

Product Type

  • Beard and shave set
Finally, keeping your beard in great condition has never been so simple - Jack Black offer a range of savvy grooming products, with the Jack Black Grooming Kit showcasing their best sellers. The moisturising Beard Wash offers superior cleansing of oil and dirt, while keeping your skin supple, and is 100% paraben-free, to boot. Beard Lube is a multifaceted product that works as a pre-shave oil, shave cream, and an after-shave conditioner. Prevent pesky post-shave irritation with nourishing Beard Oil, formulated from a selection of natural oils and plant proteins, offering a luxuriously conditioned finish that can tame even the wildest of manes! The handy travel-size comb is perfect for keeping in your pocket for touch-ups throughout the day, to keep your beard looking tidy and hydrated all day long.

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