Haeckels 2.0 Reculver Candle

Vegan Soy Candle with Coastal Notes Inspired by the Reculver Sea

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The Haeckels 2.0 Reculver Candle (250 ml) captures the energising scent of the Reculver coast, delivering an aromatic infusion of Salt Water Spray, Cassis and Oud.

Close your eyes and imagine the gentle sea breeze, botanical beauty and rolling hills of Kent's natural landscape as the refreshing aromas awaken the senses, instantly inducing calm.

Scent Profile 

  • Top Notes

Green Mandarin & Cassis

  •  Heart Notes
Neroli & Pink Pepper
  •  Base Notes

Cedar & Oud

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  • Haeckels
  • Soy Wax
  • Vegan-friendly
Other Features
  • Bath & Body
Product Type
  • Candles
  • Cassis
  • Mandarin
  • Neroli
  • Pink Pepper
  1. For the first burn, burn for 2 hours until the surface melts. 

  2. Do not leave the candle burning unattended. 

  3. If it starts to produce black smoke, trim the wick. 

  4. Store the candle in a cool and dry place.