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Clinique For Men Sonic System Cleansing Brush Head

Electric High-Performance Face Brush

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Developed by dermatologists, this cleansing brush head from Clinique by Men gently yet deeply exfoliates your face. The combination of light and firm bristles delivers 9000 vibrations per minute and clears away dirt and oil that ordinary washing may leave behind. This exfoliating facial brush polishes and smoothes the skin, making it easier to get a close shave.


  • Developed by dermatologists

Designed by the experts in modern men's skincare

  • High-performance bristles
9000 vibrations per minute deliver a thorough, effective cleanse
  • Exfoliating

Polishes, buffs and smooths, improving the skin's appearance

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  • Clinique for Men
  • Paraben-free
Product Type
  • Cleansing tool

This brush is designed to be used daily in combination with your cleanser or face wash. Apply a small amount of cleanser to damp skin or the brush head, and using a gentle, circular motion run the brush over your face. Rinse well and follow with your regular moisturiser.