Captain Fawcett

Captain Fawcett Eau De Parfum Miniature Collection

A Stellar Selection of the Captain's Famous Fragrances

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Indulge your olfactory senses with the Captain Fawcett Eau De Parfum Miniature Collection; the perfect introduction to the Captain's famous fragrance range.


Original CF 8836 (2 ml)

This classic cologne, reblended, features energising top notes of Bergamot and Mandarin, with a spicy hit of exotic Cardamon and Coriander, and warm base notes of Vanilla, Sandalwood & Moss.

Triumphant (2 ml)

In collaboration with Rufus Hound, top notes of Bergamot, Lime & Ylang, together with sweet woody Hedgerow, Blackcurrant, Clove and Galbanum, on an earthy base of Sandalwood, Ambergris and Musk, evoke bucolic afternoons in the countryside.

Booze & Baccy (2 ml)

In collaboration with renowned Dandy, Mr Ricki Hall, take in fresh top notes of Bay Rum, Citrus Orange and Bergamot, with an exotic base of honeyed fresh Tobacco Leaves, dusty aromatic Frankincense, maple-like Benzoin & toasted Vanilla Bean, with a rich base of Galbanum, White Thyme, and Coriander.

Barberism™ (2 ml)

A classic yet modern scent, Barberism opens with fresh and zesty Citrus Lime and Orange top notes, with elevating heart notes of fragrant Rose and Galbanum, and an earthy base of green Cedarwood, Patchouli and Musk.

Alessandro Manfredini (2 ml)

An awarding-winning scent, Allesandro Manfredini has the perfect blend of rich, woody and spicy top notes of Rosemary and Star Anise, with heart notes of fresh green cyclamen, and a warm base of mineral Ambergris, calming Cedarwood & sun toasted Tonka.

Maharajah (2 ml)

Inspired by balmy Indian summers, this opulent, award-winning scent has an exotic blend of Heady Rose with a Peppery Spice kick, notes of Rich Musk, warm Cedar & masculine Leather, with dazzling Citrus top notes.

Enfolded in a stunning scent note card, this standout collection would make a spiffing gift for the dashing man in your life, or treat yourself and discover your new signature scent.

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1. Hold the bottle a few inches away from the body.

2. Spritz onto the pulse points and allow the aromatic notes to mellow.