Captain Fawcett Double Edged Rockwell Razor

Cutting Edge Craftsmanship in Collaboration with Rockwell

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The Captain Fawcett Double-Edged Rockwell Razor (90 g) is the incredible result of a master collaboration with Rockwell -  the creators of the world-renowned fully adjustable 6C Double-Edge Safety Razor.

An exquisite example of form and function, this premium-quality patented razor guarantees unbeatable precision, with engineered blade angles and adjustability for an unsurpassed shaving experience.


  • A collaboration between masters

A must-have tool for any discerning gentleman's grooming arsenal

  • 6 blade options

To achieve your desired length, for a pristine finish

  • Cutting edge craftsmanship
For an unequalled shaving experience of an impeccable standard

Please note: This fully adjustable double-edge safety razor is supplied without blades. You will need to obtain a pack of high-quality double-edged stainless steel razor blades available from your local pharmacy.

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