Bolin Webb X1 Nero Black Razor Set

Complete with Silicone Case + Fits Gillette Fusion 5 Blades

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The Bolin Webb X1 Nero Black Razor Set is a high-quality shave set, designed with modern masculinity in mind.

Featuring the award-winning X1 Razer body, plus handy Silicone Travel Case. The X1 Razor was recently voted 'Best Razor 2020' by GQ Magazine. Crafted from premium materials, and made to last, this award-winning razor is fitted with Gilette Fusion 5 blades, for a comfortable, smooth shave every time. The set comes presented in a gift box, for a modern meets traditional aesthetic that any gentleman with discerning style will appreciate.


  • Masculine design 

Premium carbon body for a sleek, modern aesthetic

  • Performance shave 

Enjoy a smooth, precise wet shave every time

  • For sensitive skin 

For a shave with zero irritation or redness

  • Made in Britain 

Award-winning grooming tool, developed with Gillette 5-blade technology

  • Guaranteed 

All Bolin Webb razors come with a 2-year quality guarantee


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  • Bolin Webb
Other Features
  • Beard & Shave
Product Type
  • Beard and shave set
Specific Concern
  • Irritated skin
  • Skin redness
Designed for wet shaving. Make sure to rinse the razor in water after shaving and clean with soap and warm water every now and then for maintenance. Replace the Gillette cartridge when needed.