Benny's of London Mayfair Aftershave

Warm, Woody Scent with the Sophistication of Mayfair

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Celebrating the true spirit and sophistication of central London, Benny's Mayfair Aftershave is one of four standout fragrances from the City collection.

If you're a fan of the iconic Eau de Parfum, Aventus by Creed, then you'll absolutely love this fruity and woody fragrance with similar top and base notes. Spritz on post-shower and instantly feel the power of this enticing scent. A favourite amongst the Benny's family, it makes the perfect addition to your collection. Made in England.


  • For fans of Aventus by Creed

A similar fruity, warm and woody scent that instantly invigorates

  • Powerful

Designed to turn heads with its blend of alluring top notes

  • From the City collection

For lovers of London and the city life

  • Sophisticated

A celebration of Marleybone's true spirit

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  • Benny's of London

Product Type

  • After shave / Post shave
  1. Spritz onto the pulse points, holding the bottle a few inches away from the skin.
  2. Allow 30 seconds for the  warmth to activate the notes