Benny's Of London

Benny's of London Double Edge Razor Set

2-Piece Luxury Shave Set + 5 Free Blades

Colour: Black
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Achieve a better quality of shave and level up your grooming routine, with Benny's of London Double Edge Razor Set.

The easy-grip, weighted handle design allows for a close and even shave, while switching blades is super simple with the innovative closed comb head. This high-quality, top-performance razor delivers on style, comfort and practicality. A must-have for your everyday grooming tools collection, with 5 free blades included.


  • Weighted handle design

Helpful for achieving a close and accurate shave

  • Durable & reliable

Featuring a closed chrome comb head and easy-grip handle

  • Simplifies

Changing and cleaning blades has never been so simple, complete with an instruction guide

  • High quality

A high-performance razor worthy of your bathroom cabinet

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Product Type
  • Safety razors
  1. Use the Benny's Shaving Bowl and Brush to work up a rich lather, and apply the Benny's Shaving Cream to the area you want to shave.
  2. Experience a close shave with Benny's Double Edge Safety Razor, following up with the Benny's Shaving Balm to hydrate and soothe the shaved area.