Baldape Parlour Helping Hand

Applicator for Body Hair Removal Cream

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1. Start by using the Baldape Parlour Helping Hand and lock it into place and squeeze the Baldape Parlour Charcoal Hair Removal Cream onto the velvet pad.

2. Apply a generous amount of cream to all hairy areas of the back, smothering the hair and working the angles as shown for ease and maximum coverage.

3. Allow the cream 3-7 minutes to work its magic (the longer it is left, the more effective it will be).

4. Take a shower and use the micro-fibre Baldape Parlour Loofah to wipe away all the hair and gently exfoliate the back. Work as many angles as possible and be patient.

5. Dry off with a clean body towel, and you’re done.


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  • Body hair removal
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