anatome Anti-Stress Box

Featuring 3 De-Stressing Saviours - Tea, Pillow Spray & Oil Fragrance

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Feel rejuvenated and enjoy a quality night's sleep with anatome Anti-Stress Box.

This wellbeing gift set features 3 best sellers - the Mindful Tea + Expression Loose Tea, Recovery + Sleep pillow spray, and Expression + Confidence Essential Oil Scent. A blend of essential oils and botanicals combine to promote mindfulness and relaxation, ideal for massages, bath soaks and use in diffusers. The loose tea brings clarity of mind, helping you to recharge and focus.


  • Soothes & Restores

A calming formula of relaxing essential oils and botanicals

  • Improves Relaxation

Organic Tea has a rejuvenating effect to help clear the mind

  • Promotes Sleep

A woody blend of 24 essential oils helps to calm down breathing to assure a good night's rest

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Product Type
  • Sleep supplements
  • Wellbeing set
Specific Concern
  • Sleep
  • Stress

1. Tea: add one teaspoon of loose blend tea per 200ml boiling water and leave to brew for 3-5 mins

2. Spray: spray the pillow or pyjamas 3 times and wait 30 seconds

3. Essential Oil Scent: For skin application, add 2 drops on sensory points and rub into the skin, inhaling deeply. For diffuser: use 1 full pipette. For bath: 3-5 full pipettes into a warm bath.