ADAM Grooming Atelier Shaving Essentials

Essential Shave Duo with Classic Shaving Cream & Post Shave Balm

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ADAM Grooming Atelier Shaving Essentials set includes 2 of ADAM's best-selling products - the Classic Shaving Cream and Post Shave Balm.

Classic Shaving Cream guarantees a closer shave without the risk of nicks and cuts. Enriched with natural ingredients and essential oils, it softens the hair and hydrates the skin in preparation for shaving. The Post Shave Balm hydrates your skin without the heavy or greasy feel of regular moisturising creams. It's cooling, soothing and protects freshly-shaven skin from further irritation.


    • 2 Shave Essentials

    Includes Classic Shaving Cream and Post Shave Balm duo

    • Shaving Cream

    Designed to draw out and soften hairs for a more accurate shave, It's made with Coconut Oil, known for its benefits to skin and hair, Eucalyptus, which is a natural soothing agent that reduces razor burn, plus Rosemary and Thyme to nourish the skin with their high iron, vitamin, and calcium content

    • Post Shave Balm

    Made with Almond Oil, a known moisturiser that evens skin tone and reduces inflammation, plus Cedarwood to reduce blemishes and breakouts, with soothing menthol for a cooling effect


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    1. Lather Cream onto the beard area using a wet shaving brush.
    2. Move in circular motions to lift the hairs for a closer shave.
    3. After shaving and cleansing, apply Post Shave Balm by hand until fully absorbed.