ADAM Grooming Atelier Hair Styling Essentials Set

Versatile Styling Set Featuring Matte Clay & Texture Paste

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The ADAM Grooming Atelier Styling Essentials Set covers all bases - however you like your hair to look.


Matte Clay creates a long-lasting hold that looks dry and natural, and Texture Paste adds a natural-looking shine and hold that keeps your style firm, yet flexible. Each product is made with natural ingredients, expertly selected to nourish and protect your hair as well as your style.


  • Multi-purpose

Texture paste adds shine and hold, moisturises and soothes the scalp

  • Stimulates growth

Texture paste is made with beeswax, a natural moisturiser that's known to stimulate hair growth. 

  • Professional styling

Formulated with ingredients that give your hair an overall professional look


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  1. Distribute Matte Clay evenly through dry or damp hair depending on your preferred style.
  2. For a textured finish, apply Texture Paste sparingly to dry hair.
  3. If you prefer a more controlled look, use it when your hair is wet
ADAM Grooming Atelier Styling Essentials includes Matte Clay and Texture Paste. We love this chic set, as It's the ultimate set that covers all bases when it comes to immaculately styled hair! Matte Clay creates a strong yet flexible style - made with kaolin clay for a smooth, matte hold that strengthens, cleanses, and nourishes the hair. Cedarwood promotes hair growth, and sandalwood strengthens the hair from the root and moisturises the scalp. Texture Paste is a multipurpose hair styling product that adds a natural-looking shine and hold - it's made with beeswax, a natural moisturiser that's known to stimulate hair growth. It soothes the scalp and smoothes the strands for easier styling.