ADAM Grooming Atelier ADAM Shaving Brush

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Wet the brush, add shaving cream to the bristles and work into a lather using circular motions around the beard area. Shave, and rinse the brush clean.


  • ADAM Grooming Atelier

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  • Shaving brush
The ADAM Grooming Atelier ADAM Shaving Brush is made with an ironwood handle and pure badger hair bristles. Based on the professional shaving brushes used by expert barbers, a badger hair brush has a strong massaging effect, buffing the skin and drawing out hairs for a smoother, more accurate shave. The ironwood handle is perfectly weighted to fit the palm and provide a luxury element to your at-home shaving routine. If you wet shave, a top-quality brush adds a touch of sophistication to the process, drawing on ADAM's roots in Anatolia with a long history in male grooming wisdom.

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