ADAM Grooming Atelier ADAM Shaving Brush

Featuring Ironwood Handle & pure Badger Hair Bristles

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The ADAM Grooming Atelier ADAM Shaving Brush is made with an Ironwood handle and pure Badger Hair bristles.

It's designed for a salon-style shave that you can complete yourself with a much stronger massaging effect than a synthetic brush can offer. This helps draw out the hairs and prepare the skin for the razor. Indulge in a more sophisticated shaving routine that draws inspiration from the traditions of bygone eras. For best results, use it with the ADAM Safety Razor or the ADAM Fusion Razor.


  • Professional Quality

Crafted to provide an exceptional barbershop-standard shave

  • A Clean Shave Every Time

Massages skin to create an abundance of lather, which helps guarantee a clean shave

  • Sleek, Classic Design

Made with high-quality Ironwood and Badger Hair bristles

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  • ADAM Grooming Atelier
Other Features
  • Beard & Shave
Product Type
  • Shaving brush
  1. Dampen the brush

  2. Add your favourite shaving cream to the bristles and work into a lather using circular motions around the beard area

  3. Shave, and rinse with warm water

  4. Rinse Badger Hair Brush thoroughly and dry