ADAM Grooming Atelier

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ADAM Grooming Atelier ADAM Safety Razor

High-Quality Investment Razor Crafted From Ironwood

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The ADAM Grooming Atelier ADAM Safety Razor is a true investment piece that will revolutionise your shaving routine.

Made with ironwood, the razor is a more sustainable choice that reduces plastic waste and is designed with the perfect shave in mind. The ADAM Safety Razor prevents nicks and cuts and is designed for a more ergonomic feel, so you can imitate a barbershop shave from your own bathroom. It comes with one razor body with blade and a 10-pack of replacement blades for your convenience.


Go Pro at Home

Enjoy a professional barber experience from the comfort of your home


This razor is designed with ironwood for superior durability, unlike cheap disposable alternatives


The high-performance razor blades produce less waste than their plastic counterparts

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Other Features
  • Beard & Shave
Product Type
  • Safety razors
  1. Use Safety Razor with your favourite shave gel, or find one on Humanery

  2. Rinse blades after use and dry thoroughly

  3. Store in a dry place and replace blades regularly

  4. Clean handle with a damp cloth, as needed