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3 More Inches Medium Round Brush

Ultimate Hair Tool for Short to Medium Length Hair

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Looking for a professional brush that's kinder to your hair? Look no further than the 3 More Inches Medium Round Brush, developed in a top London salon. Perfect for short to medium length hair, this brush smooths and styles with ease, thanks to its natural bristles that glide beautifully over your hair.

Not only does this brush make styling a breeze, but it's also a true game-changer when it comes to hair health. Correctly spaced bristles minimise stress to the hairshaft and detangle without ripping or tugging, so your hair stays naturally healthier, thicker, and longer too - if that's your thing! Cheaper brushes can stress and damage your hair, causing wear and breakage, so it's worth investing in a quality tool like this.


Styling made easy

The natural bristles make it easy to create a variety of styles and looks

Kind to your hair

The correctly spaced bristles minimise stress to the hair shaft and detangle without ripping or tugging, so your hair stays naturally healthier

Longer-lasting hair

By reducing stress and breakage, this brush can help your hair grow longer and thicker

Perfect for short to medium-length hair

The size and shape of this brush make it ideal for shorter hairstyles

Easy care

Simply wipe with soapy water to remove product residue, rinse, and allow to air dry

  • 3 More Inches
  • Detangling
Other Features
  • Hair Care & Styling
Product Type
  • Combs and brushes
Specific Concen
  • Hair Volume
Specific Concern
  • Curl
  • Fine hair
  • Frizz
  • Sleek Finish
  • Thick hair
Specific concern
  • Hair styling
  1. Begin by ensuring your hair is clean and tangle-free.

  2. Divide your hair into manageable sections.

  3. Hold the brush close to the roots of your hair and gently brush downwards. The correctly spaced bristles will detangle your hair without causing any stress or damage to the hair shaft.

  4. If you are using a hairdryer, make sure to keep it at least one inch away from your hair and the brush. This will help prevent heat damage and breakage.

  5. For a more voluminous look, lift your hair from the roots as you brush. This will help create more lift and bounce.

  6. After using the brush, care for it by occasionally damp wiping it with soapy water to remove product residue.

  7. Rinse the brush thoroughly and allow it to air dry. Do not immerse the brush in water as this can damage the natural bristles.