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3 More Inches Large Handled Safety Comb

Detangles Hair with Ease, Lightweight + Non-Toxic Material

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Don't settle for a basic comb when you can have the real deal. The 3 More Inches Large Handled Safety Comb is a handmade vulcanised rubber comb that has been through over 30 production processes to make sure your hair stays healthy and grows longer.

No burrs or imperfections here, just gentle teeth and rounded tips that glide smoothly over your hair and scalp. Plus, the handle makes it easy to use, so no more awkward hand cramps. Just comb out knots and distribute the product evenly for a suave look. And when it needs a cleaning, just rinse it off and let it air dry. It's time to step up your grooming game, guys!


Handmade by Artisans

These safety combs are handcrafted by skilled artisans using vulcanized rubber, ensuring they go through over 30 production processes, resulting in a high-quality comb that lasts for a long time

Saw Cut from One Piece

The combs are saw-cut from a single piece of rubber, ensuring that they are free from burrs or imperfections that can damage hair cuticles, leading to further decay

Manually Rounded Tips and Burr-Free Teeth

The combs have manually rounded tips and burr-free teeth that glide smoothly over the scalp, gently detangling hair and preventing split ends and tearing

Protects Hair Health

These safety combs help protect hair health by preventing damage and split ends, keeping hair looking and feeling healthy and promoting hair growth

Easy to Use and Maintain

The combs are easy to use, simply comb out knots from the ends first, then comb upwards and backwards along the scalp to free the roots. They are also easy to maintain, occasionally cleansing with soapy water to remove product residue and allowing them to air dry

  • 3 More Inches
  • Detangling
Other Features
  • Hair Care & Styling
Product Type
  • Combs and brushes
Specific Concern
  • Fine hair
  • Thick hair
  1. Start by detangling any knots in your hair using your fingers or a wide-toothed comb.

  2. Take your Large Handled Safety Comb and hold it at the base of the handle, ensuring you have a firm grip.

  3. Comb through your hair starting from the ends and working your way up to the roots, using gentle strokes.

  4. For a deeper clean, use your Large Handled Safety Comb after applying hair product to distribute it evenly through your hair.

  5. To clean your Large Handled Safety Comb, occasionally cleanse it with soapy water to remove any product residue. Rinse it well and allow it to air dry.