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Daimon Barber

Daimon Barber Double-Tooth Comb

Handcrafted with Unique Patterns + Durable Design - Made in England

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  • Daimon Barber


  • Made in the UK

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  • Comb
    1. Make sure your beard and hair are clean and dry.
    2. Hold the comb with a comfortable grip.
    3. Start combing your hair from the roots, working your way to the tips.
    4. Detangle any knots gently to avoid breakage.
    5. Comb your beard, starting from the neckline, moving upward toward the chin.
    6. Reverse the direction, combing downward from the cheeks to the tips.
    7. Use the comb to shape and style your beard and hair as desired.
    8. Repeat this process regularly for a well-groomed look.

    Please note: While the size remains consistent, each comb boasts a random colour and pattern variety, adding a touch of surprise to your grooming experience.

    For best care practices, avoid using chemicals to clean the comb and refrain from soaking. A simple mixture of washing up liquid and warm water is recommended for cleaning.

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