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Braun MGK5280 All-in-one Beard & Hair Trimmer Grooming Kit (9 attachments)

Featuring Lifetime Sharp Blades & An Adaptive Power Motor

Color: Black
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  • Braun
    Depending on the area you'd like to groom, choose a suitable attachment and apply to the clipper. Adjust the length setting depending on your hair type and gently comb through the area in order to trim. After using the trimmer, wash under water to keep it clean.
Braun MGK5280 All-in-one Beard & Hair Trimmer Grooming Kit displays the latest innovation with its adaptive power motor which monitors the thickness of your hair. We love how easy and reliable this trimmer is, allowing us to accurately trim even the densest beards. With a variety of length settings, you have full precision and its ergonomic design combined with 100 minutes of cordless trimming means you can be fully comfortable wherever you are. As well as being an efficient grooming tool, we love how Braun have reduced their plastic used by up to 85%, ensuring their trimmers are kind to your skin and to the planet.

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