Skinimalism - The Biggest Skincare Trend of 2021

The concept of skin minimalism being the latest beauty trend of 2021 has found relevance not just for women, but also for men. Find out what it means and how it positively impacts men. In other words, this concept of minimalism can be called the concept of Beauty and The Least!

What is skinimalism?

The word ‘’Skinimalism’’ has taken the men’s skincare world by storm this year.  Following constant trends, fads and the latest ‘’it’’ ingredients, skinimalism is a breath of fresh air within the skincare sphere. In a saturated market where there are so many brands and products to choose from, people suddenly don't know where to turn to while their skin suffers as a result of overexposure to a multitude of conflicting ingredients and change.

This popular trend refers to the idea that less is more when it comes to your everyday grooming routine. Skinmalism strips back all the ‘noise’ surrounding skincare, allowing us to trust effective products which really work.

How does Humanery help with skinimalism?

At Humanery we make skinimalism effective yet simple. We recommend investing in a few multi-purpose products which suit your skincare needs and lifestyle choices. We debunk each product, highlighting the key ingredients and benefits to help you make an informed choice before purchasing. With each recommendation, we give our full honest review of why we love each product so you can decide whether it’s right for you. Written and reviewed by our expert panel who know men’s skincare from the inside out, the hard work is done for you. There’s no need to spend extra money and time testing product after product as Humanery does the hard work for you.

So, how do you practice skinimalism in your everyday skincare routine?

By choosing a few products which work well together and sticking to a simple routine, you are far more likely to see results in the long run. With each product recommendation, we often suggest other products which work well together in a minimalistic routine - saving you time and money but not compromising on results. Skinimalism is all about feeling confident in the skin you’re in, with little steps and a simple routine.

With the trend of ‘’skinimalism’’, some people argue that it’s best to use more natural ingredients, which are sustainable, cruelty-free and good to the planet. At Humanery, we are huge advocates of men’s grooming brands that are transparent in their approach.

Which brands on Humanery should I try to have a more minimalistic skincare routine?

Humanery is the ultimate destination for men’s skincare needs, breaking down all queries and assisting in making informed choices. You can read in-depth reviews and reasoning before deciding whether a product is right for you based on your lifestyle and needs. There are many highly effective, multi-purpose products available on Humanery which make skinimalism simple for you.

Available on Humanery, Raw Naturals is a great example of a brand within the men’s skincare sphere that embodies skinimalism. With its natural, cruelty-free formulas and range of high-performance products, you can have a minimalistic approach to skincare and great results. The Raw Naturals The Grease-Free Face Cream is a multifunctional moisturiser power-packed with ingredients to perk up and soothe the complexion. Investing in a moisturiser like the Grease-Free Face Cream is key in skinimalism as you know you can rely on its great formula to not just moisturise but also protect your skin from damage. There’s no need to switch your moisturiser for your morning run, summer holiday or hike in the mountains and your skin will thank you for keeping it simple by sticking to something it knows.

Raw Naturals The Grease-Free Face Cream-Humanery

The Recipe for Men Energizing Bronze Cream is another great multi-purpose men’s skincare choice available on Humanery. You can ensure your complexion won’t just stay hydrated all day but will also benefit from a natural, healthy-looking glow. With the tinted formula containing a boost of colour, this is a prime example of one product doing it all for you as the premium ingredients help to soothe against any irritation and protect the skin from pollution. Therefore, for those who desire just a little boost of colour in their day to day lives, this is another reliable option that embodies skinimalism with all of its men’s skincare benefits.

Recipe for Men Energizing Bronze Cream

Investing in an SPF is crucial to men’s grooming routine to protect the skin’s barrier. Key to keeping your skin looking youthful and nourished, at Humanery we recommend an SPF to guard against UV rays and pollution all year round, not just in the warmer months. The Recipe for Men SPF 30 Face Cream is the perfect skin protector which resonates with the idea of skinimalism as you won’t need multiple products. Switch from your regular moisturiser and free your mind from the worry of sun damage.

Recipe for Men SPF 30 Face Cream

We believe in every brand we stock on Humanery due to their highly effective formulas, how they help the planet and the great results they bring. Therefore, we can make great recommendations that cut down your need for purchasing multiple products with the risk of trial and error. As you can see with the plethora of multi-functional power-packed moisturisers available there is something for everyone no matter their skincare needs or habits. Men in particular just want products that work, without the need for all of the ‘’fluff’’ and a ten-step routine. Therefore, we welcome skinimalism with open arms at Humanery as we have so many products which we trust and can keep it simple for you as less is more.

You can even practice skinimalism in the shower or within your shaving routine with a multitude of high-performance 2-in-1 products which strip back your routine. The ClarinsMen 2 in 1 Shampoo and Shower is perfect to use on both your hair and body, with its energising yet caring formula packed abundantly with plant essence.

ClarinsMen 2 in 1 Shampoo and Shower

Why not switch up your shaving routine to be as simplistic as possible? The Clinique for Men 2 in 1 Skin Hydrator & Beard Conditioner conditions the skin whilst strengthening your hair and protecting stubble from irritation. Take a skinimalistic approach to shaving and don’t worry about investing in a variety of oils, creams and lotions.

Clinique for Men 2 in 1 Skin Hydrator & Beard Conditioner

Some could argue that in men’s grooming, skinimalism is an ‘’easier’’ trend to embrace in general as most men prefer a natural look rather than seeking Instagram filtered perfection that has had popularity within the beauty world. However, men can often be intimidated by the immense product offering out there and not know where to turn to for products that best suit their skin, buying into the need for an elaborate skincare routine. Humanery is a trusted friend, breaking down the hyperbole to pinpoint what exactly each product does and how each ingredient will help.

Skinimalism brings back a sense of reality to skincare and men’s grooming. Despite all the options and ingredients out there, we know what we love and what works for our skin. It’s a positive trend that cuts down over-consumption and waste, to champion the best men’s grooming brands. Embracing the skin, you’re in and having a more mindful, minimalistic approach to your skincare routine will bring a sense of calmness to our hectic, fast-paced world.

Your skin will thank you as overpowering it with too many products and ingredients can often cause the complexion to break out, become irritated and weaken its barrier. Too many active ingredients may counteract, meaning a skinimalistic approach is generally safer for your skin’s health.

Using multi-functional, effective products and a streamlined routine also mean less waste for the planet. Over 2 million tonnes of plastic packaging were used in the UK each year, as reported in 2020. Using fewer products in your skincare routine equates to less waste as we only have so many hours in the day to use everything within the stated expiry date. Skinimalism however isn’t just about just picking out a moisturiser quickly from the supermarket as you do your weekly shop without a second thought. Skinimalism is about investing your time to make a conscious choice, picking beneficial products which are kind to your skin and the planet. It’s a win-win situation as most plant-based and vegan products tend to be kinder to our skin and the environment as they are rich in minerals, oils and anti-oxidants.

With both your skin and the planet benefiting from skinimalism, we hope you explore the Humanery store and find suitable products for yourself as well as your loved ones. Check out our exclusive Christmas Gifts collection.

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