Allow us to provide you with some self-care inspiration for the year ahead.

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Compiled and authored by Ashley Ogawa Clarke
Dec 19, 2022 

Whew, 2022 has been a lot. We’ve seen a World Cup, 3 (three!) British Prime Ministers, record-breaking heatwaves, Elon Musk buying Twitter, and the passing of the world’s longest reigning monarch. It’s enough to make you retreat to a pile of blankets on the sofa with an armful of Ferrero Rocher and hibernate your way through Christmas (and nor would we blame you – Goblin Mode was the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year for a reason).

Still, as well as breathing a sigh of relief, the end of the year also perhaps the perfect time to start thinking about how you take care of yourself, in every sense. How do we want next year to look and feel like, and how can we make that happen? With one final push towards 2023, Humanery’s global family of experts and contributors are thinking about what we’ll do differently next year when it comes to self-care. So whether you’re an optimistic sucker for a New Year’s Resolution, or you abhor them entirely, allow us to provide you with some inspiration for the year ahead.

Jeremy Langmead's Resolutions: Restorative sleep and better nutrition for 2023

Jeremy Langmead, Humanery Senior Advisor and Columnist for The Times UK

Jeremy Langmead is an editor and writer (a columnist for The Times and author of Vain Glorious: A Shameless Guide For Men Who Want To Look Their Best) and is currently a Senior Advisor to Humanery. Jeremy is the former brand and content director of MR PORTER, the online men's style destination. Previously he has been the editor of Esquire, Wallpaper and the Sunday Times Style magazines.

I had a bit of a health scare and major surgery earlier this year – luckily, all resolved now – but it meant that I cut out sugar, dairy and meat (but not fish) from my diet. I doubt I’ll return to eating any of those again, so one of my self-care resolutions is to ensure I get the nutrition I need to build back my strength from the operation with food supplements designed to provide your body with the nutrients your diet may inadvertently be denying it. I like this range from The Grey, which focuses on the many issues a man can face when his body or mind can take a battering.

My other resolution, not entirely unrelated, is to sleep without the aid of sleeping pills. I would much prefer to rely on natural remedies than pure pharmaceutical ones. It’s tricky because everyone tells you how bad for you lack of sleep is, which ironically makes you worry and sleep even less. This range of recovery sleep essential oils from Anatome, recommended by a friend, have proved a good start. I’ve found them very soothing each evening.

Hopefully, this approach will bring a happy and heathy new year, and help arm me with the strength to face the more exciting challenges 2023 has in store.

Lee Kynaston's Resolutions: Resolve to not break resolutions and keep them simple

Lee Kynaston for Humanery

Grooming Guru Lee Kynaston is one of the UK’s best-known and most knowledgeable male beauty experts, with over 20 years experience of writing about men's skincare, haircare and fragrance. An award-winning journalist and former magazine editor, his work has appeared in newspapers and magazines and on websites across the world and as an in-demand consultant he has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands. He currently writes for the likes of GQ, MR PORTER and The Independent – as well as for Humanery.

The last time I made a New Year’s Resolution was back in 2013 and that was not to make any more New Year’s Resolutions.

Why? Well, like a whopping 64% of us I usually abandoned my goals within a month and ended up feeling guilty, frustrated and an abject failure – feelings which don’t exactly make for a positive start to a new year. Instead, I now look at self-care and self-improvement as an ongoing, year-round, incremental and altogether more organic task. Big, structural life changes I make when they feel right and, crucially, when I feel ready to make them, while smaller changes I make as and when the mood suits me. I’m not saying don’t make resolutions yourself but just accept that they’re not for everyone – in the same way that not everyone’s idea of exercise is a gym treadmill.

If they do work for you, fine, but if not look for other ways to exercise self-care – whether it’s booking a mini-break, re-connecting with an old pal or just splashing out on a brand new fragrance or slapping on a face mask, all of which can be done in January, February, March or, well, you get the idea.

Ashley Ogawa Clarke's Resolutions: Restore equilibrium at night

Ashley Ogawa Clarke for Humanery

Ashley Ogawa Clarke is an editor and writer, and a consultant for Humanery. Ashley is the former Deputy Editor of MR PORTER, the online menswear destination, and has previously written for US Vogue, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, GQ Style, the Telegraph, and the Observer among others. He has been writing about men’s skincare for ten years, and is currently based in Tokyo, Japan.

2022 has, at least for me, been a year of enormous change. I quit my job and moved halfway across the world, and a few months later I am still settling in. It’s not the culture shock that’s baffled me, however, nor the change in diet – it’s the time difference. While I’m now at the edge of the earth (read: on Japan time), a lot of my work remains in the UK and US, meaning that when it’s time for me to sleep, my emails are, like unruly children that have eaten too many e-numbers, wide awake. This has led to spotty sleeping habits and an inability to switch off when bedtime comes around.

My strategy to solve this? As well as banishing my phone out of my bedroom so I’m not tempted to check emails from bed, I’m going to use my grooming routine as a way to switch off at night. By creating a slightly more mindful nighttime routine, I’m hoping it will serve to help me wind down at night. On my shopping list right now: a night cream that is both effective and smells incredible, and perhaps something to assuage the work anxiety and help me nod off. So when my out of office reads “getting some much needed beauty sleep”, don’t act surprised.

Tom Ford's Resolutions: Less is more

Thomas M Ford for Humanery

Tom spent 3 years as the Editor of MR PORTER and is now a consultant and editorial contributor for Humanery, Esquire, Soho House, Futsol, Eater, Rosewood Hotels and other publications. His main areas of interest are mental health, food, fitness and travel. Tom has completed one year of a psychotherapy training course.

My new year's resolution is to carry on. This is not to say that I am un-improvable, that I could not swear less, eat better or ring my mother more. What I mean is that I intend to continue in what I am currently doing, which is travelling through Africa. Or, being on the road, perhaps that should be carry-on: I have run out of the big shampoo I packed when I embarked on my trip (it exploded in my bag), and I don't have any moisturiser, simply because there’s no space for such luxuries.

So what I really need to help me on my way over the next few months is some small, resilient lotions and potions that will fit into my cabin luggage. Overall, I am enjoying caring less about my appearance and having fewer belongings in my life at the moment, but something nifty for my newly-shaved hair (and some SPF to stop the sunburn on my face getting any worse) wouldn't go amiss.

Sid Baveja's Resolutions: A year of mindfulness

Sid Baveja Founder CEO of Humanery

Sid Baveja is the Founder and CEO of Prior to founding Humanery in October 2021, Sid held senior leadership positions at Just Eat and viagogo, where he built and managed large high-performance teams across many countries.

I'd like 2023 to be my year of mindfulness; of being present in the moment. I tried this approach last year, and, honestly, it was hard to keep up momentum. The savage vicissitudes of launching a new business threw off my resolve! However, when I did succeed, I was able to see a real improvement in my mood, productivity and physical health. With that in mind, I’ve put together a simple strategy for this year.

Firstly, I’m going to get into the habit of regular ten-minute meditation practice each morning before I leave home. I will light a scented candle (there are many options, but I love the Punjab Rose Candle by Suru) to create the right mood and renew my Calm app subscription to help. I’d also like to extend this sense of mindfulness to my grooming routine, too, to help me face the day (and to help my face). I used to balk at the thought of shaving each morning because, in the past, I used to suffer from post-shaving rash. But now that I’m now more educated on how to shave properly (I was inadvertently shaving up against the grain of the stubble at the bottom of my neck), I’ll use an effective but simple pre-shave routine to create a more mindful and present experience. This will include a pre-shave oil from Gentlemen's Tonic of Mayfair and a delightful beard conditioning experience with the Alfriston Set by The Brighton Beard Company.

Man with a healthy and thick beard and beard grooming tools

What will your self-care resolutions be for 2023?

There you have it - there is a theme of mindfulness, better sleep, better nutrition and keeping things simple here at Humanery. What will yours be? 

If you need help with yours, we'd love to hear from you and help out. Feel free to reach out to us by emailing 

Happy new year and hope you have a phenomenal year with self-care in 2023!

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