Mens face masks beginners guide

The men's facial care industry has been evolving over the last few years. The mental health benefits of self-care for men have become more acceptable to talk about openly and honestly. This journal post will discuss why men should use face masks and the best types of masks for them.

What is a Face Mask?

A face mask is a beauty product used to improve the appearance of your skin by killing the bacteria and preventing the pores from enlarging.

They are also used to help with skin concerns such as oily skin, acne, and ageing. There are many different types of face masks, including pore minimising, anti-ageing, detoxifying face masks that will suit any beauty need you may have.

What are the Benefits of Using a Face Mask?

Face masks have been around for a long time, and they come in various types and consistencies, including gel, cream, mud, and clay. Some varieties available for purchase on Humanery can be found HERE

Some people use them to cleanse their skin, some use them to moisturise, and others just want a quick fix for any skin issue quickly done in the comfort of their own home. 

Face masks are very easy and quick to use. Face masks should be a part of your weekly routine, like washing your face, flossing, and brushing your teeth. They are typically worn between 10-30 minutes and then removed with warm water or peeling off the mask itself. Sheet masks provide a simple and mess-free solution if you don’t want to wash off the dried face mask after.

As an additional benefit, scientific evidence shows that facial masks such as clay-based masks can help remove toxins from your body. Removal of toxins allows you to get better sleep. Improved sleep has an incredible number of benefits for your face, such as: 

  1. Restoring your skin by increasing your antioxidant production 
  2. Reducing deep wrinkles 
  3. Strengthening your immune system which prevents bacteria from causing breakouts on your face

How to choose the best face masks for men?

You may know that face masks help improve the appearance of your skin. But you might not know which type of mask is best for men.

Face masks for men should provide deeply penetrating nutrients that promote healthier, moisturised skin cells.

The various types of masks available are all designed to provide different solutions to different skin issues.

We at Humanery recommend starting with face clay. Why? Because clay face masks have been used for centuries to promote healthy skin. This long history means the benefits have been clearly noticed, even by your ancestors, which means you know you're purchasing a product that truly helps your skin. 

What is Face Clay, and why is it Important?

Men usually have coarser skin and a more challenging time finding a mask that will work for them. However, face clays are widely available, are easy to apply, and provide a great starting point for developing a more advanced skincare routine.

Face clay is a type of face mask that works by absorbing anything and everything polluting your skin. We at Humanery recommend you regularly use clay masks such as Baxter of California's to provide moisture and smoothness to the skin.

What Are the Benefits of Using Face Clay Regularly?

The benefits of using face clay include:

  1. It's highly absorbent and draws out excess skin oil - (check out the Anthony Deep Pore Cleansing Clay if your skin is excessively oily)
  2. It detoxifies the pores to help keep breakouts at bay
  3. It tightens the skin to provide an instant tightening effect on the face

How to use and apply face clay?

When you start using clay masks, make sure you only use them twice a week. Many dermatologists advocate this since excessive usage might dry up your skin.

  1. Take a large-coin-sized quantity of clay from the container
  2. Apply the clay evenly on your face. Begin with your top neck and work your way up
  3. Allow it to sit for about 15 minutes
  4. Remove the mask with a wet face cloth or lukewarm water

Your Skin Matters

Remember, proper skincare is vital for everyone, not just women. Men are also at risk of premature signs of ageing and should protect and nourish their skin. Starting to build a skincare routine with face clays for men is an excellent idea as they are easy to find, affordable, and convenient to use.


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