How to Gift Like A Pro - Men’s Grooming and Beauty Gifts Guide

If you need to buy gifts for men it can be tough to get the right balance between useful and boring. Plus, there are those gifts that all men get for every occasion (socks, ties and underwear, we’re looking at you). Take a look at our handy tips for buying grooming and beauty gifts for men so that you can try something a little different and gift like a pro.

Think Practical for Men’s Gifts

It sounds simple, but thinking practically is a good place to start when you're buying gifts for men. What do they actually need and like? What will they actually use? If you know they’ll use it and enjoy it, then it’s a good gift. 

Men’s fragrance is a great all-rounder gift that can be really personal as well as practical. Try (MALIN+GOETZ) dark rum eau de parfum for a touch of masculine spice that perfectly adapts to its wearer. Shaving kits and skincare kits are another way to go for a practical gift without going overboard on products the man in your life won’t use.

Check On Hobbies and Interests

Think about what your man is into and what he does in his spare time to get him a gift he’ll enjoy using. A great tip is to keep a list in your phone of things they mention they like or they’re into throughout the year so when it’s time to buy gifts you’re not left scratching your head. 

If he’s someone who spends a lot of time being active outdoors or travelling then gifts like Anthony Shower Sheets, Salt and Stone Sunscreen or the Lumin Travel Bag will all be a hit. If he’s more into a lux lifestyle and taking care of himself, indulge him with gift sets for men so he can try out the latest products to incorporate into his routine. Try the Ra-27 Ultimate Skincare Set, the Ruffians Beard Envy Gift Set or the Patricks Discovery Set so they can try out a host of new styling options.

Try Something New

Another great gift option is something they wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves. Whether that’s a higher-end version, something completely unexpected or just something a little different from what they’re used to, a new experience can be a great gift.

It could even be an experience that you try together or something that will change their whole routine for the better. An easy way to make a big impact when it comes to gifts for men is by upgrading their shaving experience. The Baxter of California Silver Badger Tip Brush or the Kiehl’s Nourishing Beard Grooming Oil are a perfect way to up their shave game.

Buying Gifts for Men

Buying gifts for men is a great way to show your appreciation and celebrate those in your life. Whether it’s a partner, friend, brother, dad or another male relative, and whatever the occasion is, a well-thought-out gift can make someone feel special. 

The other great thing about giving the gift of skincare, bodycare or haircare for men is that there’s something to suit everyone (whatever your budget) and it encourages people to take time out for self-care. It also lets the men in your life experience and enjoy new things that they wouldn’t necessarily think of trying themselves.


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