Create The Perfect Blend This Valentine's Day With Humanery

Amp up your skincare & grooming routine this Valentine's Day with some luxury men's grooming gifts, and we'll throw in a free bottle of your favourite spirit just for fun! 

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Words by Rebecca Loades
Feb 01, 2023 

Valentine’s Day and skincare are an ideal match, but throw in a beautiful bottle of your favourite tipple (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and you’re immediately onto a winner. Humanery has played cupid this year by bringing together some of our favourite men’s grooming brands and pairing them up with some carefully selected spirit brands: Ciroc, Johnnie Walker, Seedlip, and The Singleton

Whether you’re single or not, we see no harm in celebrating yourself; not only is ‘V-Day’ on the horizon but you’ve also made it to the end of the month! January has felt like a lifetime and for those of you who’ve been partaking in Dry January, now is an opportune moment to raise a glass to your achievement - bravo!

And if you are looking forward to the international day of love, what better way to do it than with some of the finest quality men’s grooming gifts; including products from Heath, PATRICKS and Dr. David Jack, sitting alongside some top-shelf spirits. There is no harm in enjoying the finer things in life! 

If you haven’t already spotted them on our social media channels, we have put together three curated and limited edition Valentine’s Day Gifts edits, as well as a ‘gift with purchase’ incentive. How can you deny yourself a free gift this Valentine’s Day?! 

To explain this collaboration further, read on to find out why these brands are so well suited for each other.

Ciroc and PATRICKS

bottle of circa vodka and Patricks men's grooming products

Ciroc may have become more widely recognised, and admired, after Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs got his hands on a few bottles (he took control of the marketing in the US in 2007) but it is Diageo who have been distributing this crisp vodka since the brand’s establishment in 2003.

The name was formed by the fusing of the french words ‘cime’, meaning peak, and roche, meaning rock, which refers to the special vineyards in the Gaillac region. It is here where the Mauzac grapes are grown and what gives Ciroc vodka its unique formulation and flavour. Ciroc is one on its own in the vodka industry in the way that they use grapes, rather than a grain, in its distillation process. 

The production process is so unique as the grapes are distilled four times in column stills, and a further fifth time in Maison Villevert Salles D’Angles to achieve its final flavour.

Similar to PATRICKS, Ciroc has gone its own way in its industry and strived to stand out from the crowd. When Patrick Kidd first started his high-performance men’s grooming brand, he felt there was room to do better with men’s skin and hair care. Fast-forward 10 years and he’s created products which are favourites amongst skincare specialists, barbers, and the everyday male consumer. PATRICKS has become a leading haircare brand for thickening hair and the SH1 Shampoo remains a Humanery best-seller today.

Find your free bottle of Ciroc Snap Frost and a curated edit of PATRICKS here

Seedlip & Heath

Bottle Of Seedlip and Heath Products

Seedlip totally changed the non-alcoholic drinks market when they burst onto the scene for their launch in 2015. Their first batch of bottles sold out in 3 weeks, and the third sold out in 30 minutes - impressive! Founded by Ben Branson, his plant-based spirit has been inspired by 300-year-old historic recipes and processes for distilling herbs. The name has come from the baskets, used by a family in Lincolnshire at around the same time, to help them sew seeds effectively across the fields. 

Ben saw a huge opportunity in producing a non-alcoholic spirit backed by history and nature; creating an alternative, sophisticated drink which actually tastes really good!

Heath and Seedlip are similar in the fact they are two British businesses which aspire to ‘fuse tradition with modernity’. Founded a couple of years later than Seedlip, Heath has firmly found its position in the men’s grooming market; standing proud as an artisanal-inspired and finely crafted brand. All their skincare products contain natural ingredients to help make you feel and look good - just as you would holding a refreshing Seedlip and tonic at a bar with your mates. Our Humanery Grooming Journal editors all love using Heath, particularly the Moisturiser. You know you’re skin is in good hands when using Heath products. 

Find your free bottle of Seedlip Garden 108 and the Heath Wellness Edit here

The Singleton & Dr. David Jack

bottle of The Singleton Single Malt Scotch

We have brought together two Scottish ‘household names’ for this specific Valentine’s Day gift bundle.

The Singleton Single Malt forms part of Diageo’s huge profile of Scotch whiskies. Their smooth and finessed liquor is distilled at the Dufftown distillery (originally founded in 1895), in Banffshire, and aged inside American oak bourbon barrels. This is the ideal taste-tester for a first-time malt whisky drinker, but it can also be enjoyed - however you take it - for an avid fan too. 

Having moved away from his birthplace in Scotland, Dr. David Jack has become a highly respected aesthetic doctor and is now based in Harley Street, London. As a trained medical doctor, David has strived to create highly effective skincare, which is based on his own scientific research.

He launched his own skincare line in 2018 which simplifies the skincare process for the consumer (perfect for those who are slightly daunted by the wealth of products on the market), but also helps to target main concerns such as ageing and break-out-prone skin. His Skin Trio - consisting of an antioxidant serum and a day and nighttime moisturiser - is an essential kit for anyone looking to delve deeper into their grooming routine.

Find your free bottle of The Singleton 12 Year Single Malt and the Dr. David Jack Skin Trio here

Johnnie Walker 

bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky

And finally, we have our Limited Edition bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. It stands on its own, without a date, as to be honest it’s best served solo! There’s no denying this bottle is worthy of a special occasion and so if you’re ready to spoil yourself for 14th February, you can receive a free bottle by adding some equally high-end men’s grooming products to your shopping list. Just imagine enjoying a relaxing night in; feet up, music on, whisky in hand, and your skin looking its finest with the help of some Augustinus Bader, The Grey, or Jack Black.

Johnnie Walker is steeped in history and has become the world’s best-selling Scotch whisky. If you’re a whisky drinker, you’ll probably already have a couple of bottles in your drinks cabinet, but the Blue Label is a fine and unique specimen. The Blue Label edition is a combination of some of the rarest Scottish whiskies which produces a smoky, smooth, caramel-infused, heart-warming spirit. Trust us when we say you won’t want to miss out on this luxurious offer this Valentine’s Day.

Find your free bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label, by spending over £250, here.

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