A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Started with Men’s Makeup-Humanery

Here at Humanery, we have found that most makeup guides for men suggest long lists of products and their accompanying routines. What should be an unconscious, convenient, and quick process is turned into a lengthy one that can take up your whole morning -- in addition to your evenings spent researching the best products.

Getting started with makeup can be time-consuming. We at Humanery have provided this quick guide to demonstrate that it does not have to be hard and time consuming at all. We want to ensure that your makeup journey is a calm and collected exploration.

Men's makeup should not be a chore. It should be an enjoyable process of discovery.

However, even before beginning your makeup journey, you need a stable base to help you feel secure and confident in taking things a step further.

Getting started with men's makeup should not be a chore. It should be an enjoyable process of discovery.

Plus, you are already struggling to find the time for self-care to begin with, so spending time finding the right product and shades is not the best option. You need an all-in-one solution that kills many birds with one stone.

That is where BB cream comes in.

A BB cream is the time-conscious alternative to researching, sourcing, and applying separate moisturiser, sunscreen, and foundation. A BB cream allows you to do everything in one quick step. Additionally, if you have any other skin issues, such as shine or breakouts, you can quickly locate a BB cream that includes the right ingredients to address those skin concerns as well.

Once you have this stable base to work with, it can be your gateway into further experimentation with makeup.

We at Humanery recommend two basic products to get you started.

  1. Concealer
A concealer focuses on addressing very noticeable issues. These include dark circles under the eyes as well as spots anywhere on the face. It works for areas of the most immediate concern.

There’s one thing to remember, and that’s not to overdo it. It doesn’t need to be applied everywhere.

Finding the perfect concealer for you is the most challenging hurdle to overcome, especially given the vast number of choices available. Keep it simple and easy to apply with a roll-on alternative which reduces spills and leaks.
    1. Eyeliner

    Add an extra sense of uniqueness to your appearance with eyeliner.
    If you ever look at your favourite male celebrities and wonder how they achieve their deep, striking eyes penetrating the screen? Eyeliner is the hidden answer, the unspoken secret.

    When starting out, only use a pencil eyeliner, not a liquid. It makes things much quicker, easier, and more straightforward while making a statement that can either be subtle or a significant talking point.

    If you are going for a more subtle approach, stick with brown eyeliner. It gives a natural, pared-back look that adds definition to your eyes without being overly obvious. It is the best choice for nervous first-timers.

    If you want to make a more striking statement, opt for black eyeliner. The black colour will add definition that makes your eyes a focal point.

    Once you have chosen the colour of your eyeliner, there are several options available to you for how you can apply it.

    Applying it to the top of your eyes will achieve a deeper and fuller look that does not add extra weight. It should feel like a natural addition that complements and enhances the natural structures of your appearance.

    Applying it to the bottom of your eyes will bring more definition to your eye’s structure.

    You can also apply eyeliner to the top and bottom of your eyes to achieve a look that mixes the best of both worlds.

    You can confidently give these two versatile men's makeup products a shot. And always know that the #humansofhumanery community is here to back you! Check out our men's makeup product collection to find the right products for you.


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