Which Moisturiser Do You Need In Your Routine? A Beginner's Guide for Men
Lucy Thorpe
Oct 15, 2021
2 mins reading

Which Moisturiser Do You Need In Your Routine? A Beginner's Guide for Men

Moisturiser replenishes lost moisture, dry skin and reduces flakes and redness in your skin, whatever your skin type. It’s especially important for your skin in autumn and winter as the seasonal change brings changes to your skin with it. Even if you have oily skin, skipping moisturiser is a no-no and as you age moisturiser becomes even more important.

Finding the right moisturiser can be the key to the rest of your routine as it improves the look and feel of your skin and creates a hydrated base for the rest of your skincare products. It can also help to keep your skin protected from the weather and UV rays.

The Various Types of Moisturiser

There are a few different types of moisturiser that all work slightly differently. Here’s a quick rundown on what they’re used for and how they work:


These draw water from the air and under the skin to its surface to give a plump hydrated look. Hyaluronic acid, propylene glycol and glycerin are the common humectant ingredients to look out for.


Emollients are great for cracked or damaged skin in need of serious nourishment. They seal in moisture and feel super-soothing on the skin. Check for shea butter, cocoa butter or octyl dodecanol if this is what your skin needs.


Occlusives form a protective barrier on your skin that seals in moisture and can be used over the top of other types of moisturiser. Petrolatum, cetyl alcohol and lanolin are all occlusives.

Our Top Picks for Men's Moisturiser 

Find out more about our favourite moisturisers here at Humanery, why we love them and who they’re best for:

Kiehl’s Oil Eliminator 24 Hour Anti Shine Moisturiser

The Kiehl’s Oil Eliminator 24 Hour Anti Shine Moisturiser deeply hydrates the skin while controlling shine, stopping excess oil and reducing the appearance of pores. The smooth, creamy formula absorbs into the skin. It contains glycerin and salicylic acid to hydrate and eradicate excess oil.

Best for: Oily Skin 

LifeJacket Daily Repair Moisturiser

The LifeJacket Daily Repair Moisturiser is a great daily all-rounder for all skin types. It can be used day or night and has a lightweight, non-greasy formulation that refreshes, soothes and calms. 

Best for: All Skin Types or Combination Skin

MMUK Man Anti-Ageing Moisturiser

The award-winning MMUK Man Anti-Ageing Moisturiser harnesses the nourishing power of collagen and oatmeal to hydrate the skin, reduce signs of ageing and combat skin imperfections. It fights inflammation, acne, wrinkles and dull skin.

Best for: Acne-Prone Skin, Dull Skin and Ageing Skin 

Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturiser

The Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturiser is lightweight, nourishing and reduces signs of ageing as well as improving the appearance of your skin. It contains SPF to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays along with blue algae, vitamins A and C and is free from parabens and sulfates.

Best for: All Skin Types and Clean Beauty Fans

Anthony Day Cream SPF 30

The Anthony Day Cream boosts hydration and soothes the skin with wheat protein, vitamins A, B and E and natural AHA’s. It’s dermatologist tested and helps to handle signs of ageing while protecting the skin from further damage.

Best for: Normal or Combination Skin