Valentine’s Gift Sets For Him (2022)
Aditya Chona
Jan 26, 2022
7 mins reading

Valentine’s Gift Sets For Him (2022)

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Gifting is a way of showing thoughtfulness, love and affection. Combining it with a significant event makes it all the more remarkable, especially when it's Valentine’s Day. Some wonderful brands in the beauty industry have put in great thought and effort to craft bespoke products just for men. Great thing is, we at Humānery provide all these products on one platform.

While individual products make for great gifting items, carefully curated gift sets also help you go the extra mile in ensuring that you’ve gifted him something special and valuable.

So while you wish to search for premium and thoughtful gifts for him, come and explore a range of gifts, sets, and bundles across our collection: Valentine’s Gifts For Him

Our Top Picks

 Ra. Men's Care - RA-27 Ultimate Skincare Regime | Humānery

1. Ra. Men’s Care - RA-27 Ultimate Skincare Regime

What’s Included: The Ra Skincare RA-27 Ultimate Skincare set is designed to cover all your skincare needs with three easy-to-use products. Utilising science-led formulas, this set is made up of the Ra Liquid Exfoliator, Face Serum and Moisturizer. The results? A brighter complexion, fewer breakouts and a protected skin barrier.

Why We Love It: Ra's skincare philosophy is that you don't need a shelf full of products to have happy, healthy skin! The exfoliator renews the skin's surface, the serum hydrates and repairs and the Shield SPF Moisturiser softens and protects. We love how easy these products are to use, and how each one delivers exactly what your skin needs!

Usual Price: £49.99
Valentine's Sale:
 £33.99 (Code: VDAY22)

LifeJacket Weekender Set | Humānery

2. LifeJacket Weekender Set

What’s Included: Step up your moisturisation game this winter, and let LifeJacket safeguard your skin, with the Weekender Set. Clinically approved to protect and repair, this trio of powerful products features a 2-in-1 Daily Protection Moisturiser with SPF30, Daily Repair Moisturiser, and lightweight Sun Gel.

Why We Love It: Specially formulated to amp up hydration, clear your complexion and fight against free radicals, this premium skincare set makes for the perfect gift for the active man. Loved by athletes, LifeJacket's male skincare and grooming products are specially formulated to safeguard the skin against harsh weather, free radicals and external pollutants. Their lightweight, water-resistant moisturisers are suitable for all skin types, while their fuss-free and non-greasy sunscreen is a true game-changer.

Usual Price: £39
Valentine's Sale:
 £33.15 (Code: VDAY22)

Five Dot Botanics Relax & Rewind Edit

3. Five Dot Botanics Relax & Rewind Edit

What’s Included: Give the gift of pure indulgence with the Relax & Rewind Edit from Five Dot Botanics. This luxury face mask and muslin cloth gift set has everything you need to wash away impurities and detoxify. Let the restorative ingredients work their magic to minimise spots and maximise that natural glow.

Why We Love It: This organic face mask and muslin cloth gift set contains five powerful ingredients that work to extract impurities and detoxify the skin, leaving it feeling fully refreshed. Say hello to clear pores and revive tired skin maximizing that natural glow.

Usual Price: £25
Valentine's Sale:
 £18.06 (Code: VDAY22)

HEATH The Facial Routine Kit | Humānery

4. HEATH The Facial Routine Kit

What’s Included: Exfoliate, cleanse, hydrate, and protect your face with HEATH's ultimate Facial Routine Kit which includes HEATH's Face Wash, Moisturiser, Shower Mask, and Eye Serum.

Why We Love It: The Face Wash leaves your skin feeling fresh, clean, and smooth. The fast-acting Moisturiser is known to smooth, hydrate, heal and protect your skin. HEATH's Shower Mask sheds dullness and reveals a radiant glow in less than 5 minutes, while the Eye Serum helps brighten, firm, and protect your eyes.

Usual Price: £67
Valentine's Sale:
 £56.95 (Code: VDAY22)

Humanity Cosmetics Skincare Routine 1 | Humānery

5. Humanity Cosmetics Skincare Routine 1

What’s Included: Humanity Cosmetics Skincare Routine 1 is a two-step process that cleanses and moisturises the face. The kit includes two full-size Humanity Cosmetics essentials: Humanity Cosmetics Cleansing Gel & Humanity Cosmetics Moisturiser. All Skincare routine kits come with a complimentary Humanity Cosmetics Washbag.

Why We Love It: The Cleansing Gel gets deep into the dermis, unblocking your pores and eradicating dirt and debris for a blackhead and blemish-free finish. Without damaging or drying your skin, it prevents the causes of breakouts leaving you ready for step two: moisturising. Humanity Cosmetics Moisturiser is a natural powerhouse, blended from a mix of carefully-selected ingredients that strengthen, soothe, and revitalise your skin. It repairs the natural barrier and protects against sensitivity and premature ageing.

Usual Price: £101
Valentine's Sale: £77.26 (Code: VDAY22)


Frances Prescott Delight Collection | Humānery

6. Frances Prescott Delight Collection

What’s Included: The Frances Prescott Delight Collection contains 3 travel-sized versions of their essential Tri-Balm, Tri-Spritz, and Tri-Body products. It's a 3-step routine that guarantees healthy skin and a conditioned body, wherever you are.

Why We Love It: Used together as part of your daily routine, these 3 products will cleanse and tone your face, and polish the skin all over your body to leave a radiant complexion from head to toe. Tri-Balm is a luxurious facial treatment that cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturises all in one simple product. Tri-Spritz hydrates and conditions the skin while killing pollutants that may lead to blemishes and irritation. And Tri-Body polishes the skin, cleansing it of excess dirt and conditioning the dermis for a radiant complexion all over your body.

Usual Price: £70
Valentine's Sale: £47.60 (Code: VDAY22)


ADAM Grooming Atelier ADAM Razor and Brush Set | Humānery

7. ADAM Grooming Atelier ADAM Razor and Brush Set

What’s Included: ADAM Grooming Atelier ADAM Razor and Brush Set brings the luxury and sophistication of a barbershop shave to your bathroom. The Shaving Brush and Safety Razor are both constructed with a luxurious ironwood handle, meaning they are stylish, as well as an investment that can help reduce disposable plastic waste. 1 razor body with blade included, plus a 10 pack of replacement blades, for your convenience.

Why We Love It: Based on the professional shaving brushes and traditional ergonomic razors used by expert barbers, you can now have your best ever shave from home. A pure badger hair brush buffs the skin and draws out hairs for a smoother, more accurate shave. While the Safety Razor combines the timeless feel of an investment-quality razor handle with the quick precision you need from an at-home blade.

Usual Price: £150
Valentine's Sale:
 £127.50 (Code: VDAY22)

MESOA Peppermint & Tea Tree Conditioning Beard Oil | Humānery

8. MESOA Peppermint & Tea Tree Conditioning Beard Oil

What’s Included: The MESOA Peppermint and Tea Tree Beard Oil offers superb conditioning; working to gently nourish and protect your beard, whilst enhancing hair growth

Why We Love It: Reincarnate tired beards with just a few drops! With its handy pipette applicator, you can precisely apply the oil to suit your beard's needs. This rescue remedy contains a special blend of peppermint and tea tree, perfect for those who suffer from skin irritation or desire an invigorating fragrance to wake them up in the morning. After a few weeks of daily application, beards should feel deeply nourished, and with a healthier appearance.

Usual Price: £14.50
Valentine's Sale: £10.48 (Code: VDAY22)


RUFFIANS Essential Gift Set (Shampoo, Conditioner, Hair Cream) | Humānery

9. RUFFIANS Essential Gift Set

What’s Included: Made up of the brand’s best selling products, the Ruffians essentials gift set includes a shampoo, conditioner and hair cream. Everything you need to get your hair looking fresh and ready for the day ahead.

Why We Love It: Each product gets the RUFFIANS Barber seal of approval, and utilises premium ingredients to deeply cleanse your hair while promoting hair growth and revitalising your scalp. Plus, it's neatly presented in a handy gift box, so that saves you a job.

Usual Price: £35
Valentine's Sale:
 £29.75 (Code: VDAY22)

Natural Barber Co. Hades Matte Paste | Humānery

10. Natural Barber Co. Hades Matte Paste

What’s Included: The Natural Barber Co. Hades Matte Paste is a professional standard hair clay formulated with all-natural ingredients which are kind to even sensitive skin, the hair and scalp stay hydrated day after day.

Why We Love It: The Natural Barber Co. Hades Matte Paste will give you god-like hair in a flash, formulated with natural ingredients and creating a natural-looking finish. Produced without fragrance, Hades Matte Paste means even those with sensitive skin can benefit from great-looking hair and beards. It’s also super easy to wash out the product which doesn’t leave a trace. Made in the UK, the packaging is fully sustainable and recyclable too.

Usual Price: £16.95
Valentine's Sale:
 £14.40 (Code: VDAY22)

BAVE Ultimate Bath Set | Humānery

11. BAVE Ultimate Bath Set

What’s Included: The BAVE Ultimate Bath Set is all your bathing needs rolled into one handy box. Featuring a sweet selection of BAVE's core bath soaks and salts, plus the BAVE Guide: The Ultimate Bathing Bible and a collectable BAVE Rubber Duck. Bath Soaks include vibrant fragrances such as Bergamot & Cedarwood, Frankincense & Black Pepper, and Tobacco & Vanilla. The Bath Salts included are BAVE Epsom Bath Salt, BAVE Magnesium Bath Salt, and the BAVE Dead Sea Salt.

Why We Love It: The BAVE Ultimate Bath Set contains everything you need for the ultimate bathing experience - with a fragrance and bath salt to suit every need and mood! You will love experimenting with the different fragrances which will fill your bathroom with decadent scents derived from natural essential oils, instantly bringing a sense of indulgence for a spa-like experience from the comfort of home.

Usual Price: £65
Valentine's Sale:
 £55.25 (Code: VDAY22)

Price: £65 | Code: VDAY22

Object® Cleansing Bar, Conditioner & Shampoo Dish Set | Humānery

12. Object® Cleansing Bar, Conditioner and Shampoo Dish Set

What’s Included: The bundle consists of three complementary products: the best-selling Cleansing Bar, your choice of Shampoo Bar – choose between rejuvenating, rebalancing or moisturising – and the Concrete Shower Dish.

Why We Love It: The Object Cleansing Bar, Conditioner & Shower Dish bundle have your daily shower routine covered. Object Beauty’s Cleansing Bar leaves your skin refreshed, deeply moisturised and glowing while washing away free radicals with daily uses. All shampoo bars are formulated to be extra rich in lather and exceptionally nourishing, suited to all hair types. We especially love the calming scents from the essential oils which make for a luxurious, sensual shower.

Usual Price: £45
Valentine's Sale: £22.95 (Code: VDAY22)


SmileTime Couples Teeth Whitening Bundle | Humānery

13. SmileTime Couples Teeth Whitening Bundle

What’s Included: The SmileTime Couples Teeth Whitening Bundle is the perfect way to bond with your loved one. The set Includes 2 Teeth Whitening Kits, 2 Teeth Whitening Gel Refills, 2 Teeth Whitening Pens, 2 Charcoal Powders, 4 Bamboo Toothbrushes - all in a cute gift bag. You and your partner have everything you need to get the smile you desire.

Why We Love It: With this amazing Couple's Teeth Whitening Bundle you and your partner can smile wide! The teeth whitening kits contain PAP which is non-toxic and hydrogen peroxide-free, changing your smile in just 6 days. It comes with whitening gel refills which are easy to use giving you the comfort of use from home. The Teeth Whitening Pen is great for on-the-go treatment, allowing you to top up as you go. All you have to do is twist your pen and apply the pearly gel to your teeth for 20 minutes. Charcoal Powder will compliment your smile by removing stains and discolouration and maintaining a healthy mouth.

Usual Price: £274.99
Valentine's Sale: £148.74 (Code: VDAY22)


Humans of Humanery Digital Gift Cards | Humānery

14. Humans Of Humānery Digital Gift Card

What’s Included: The Humans of Humānery Digital Gift is always a wonderful gift for your loved ones, making them feel special. These cards are delivered digitally by email and contain checkout redemption instructions, making it easy for you to send your gift card with a personalised note. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees and last for 12 months before expiry.

Price: £20–£100