Groom & A with Humanery - Sam Richardson from Saltee
Aditya Chona
Nov 29, 2021
2 mins reading

Groom & A with Humanery - Sam Richardson from Saltee

Groom & A is our latest interview series with some of the key brains and people behind the brands you see on Humanery. The products that feature on our platform share our ethos of encouraging men to activate healthy self-care routines, and to integrate personal grooming into their lives.

This time around we sat down with Sam Richardson, the co-founder of Saltee, to talk about the creation of a brand that evokes feelings of being by the sea, and that combines unique ingredients with emerging initiatives to deliver leading SPF products.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your involvement with Saltee. Where do you originally come from and what’s your favourite TV show?

Groom & A with Humanery - Sam Richardson from Saltee

My name is Sam Richardson, I’m co-founder of Saltee. I’m from the UK, although I was born in Australia and have lived in London for 20 years. My favourite TV show would have to be Seinfeld – I quote or refer to it nearly every day!

When did you start Saltee?

I started Saltee in 2019 after a career as a VC investor.

How did Saltee come about? What inspired you to start this brand? 

I wanted to create a brand that revitalised the SPF skincare sector, created amazing products, and looked great in your beach bag too.

The name Saltee is meant to feel evocative of the ocean and beach memories – it's also a brand that is free from pretension.

Groom and A with Humanery Saltee SPF 30 Sea and Sun Lotion

What is unique about your products? 

Our products have been formulated with a huge effort to have the highest SPF protection for your skin whilst also feeling like your favourite moisturiser. Across our range, we have looked at combining unique ingredients such as sea algae and Venuceane along with emerging initiatives like photo-adaption to create world-leading SPF products.

The name Saltee is meant to feel evocative of the ocean and beach memories – it's also a brand that is free from pretension.

Describe in only 3 words what your brand means to customers? 

Escape, Delight, Protect. 

Do you have any upcoming product launches?

Currently top-secret! Though lip-care could be coming on the scene soon!

What is your favourite product from another brand that is not currently available in your own product portfolio?

I really like Kiehl’s Butterstick SPF Lip Balm – we will create our own lip protection in time but until then……..

What’s one career you wish you could have? 

I’d like to keep moving into the creative sector – having moved from finance into consumer brand entrepreneurship I can see how having a creative outlet for your professional energy is hugely beneficial to your life satisfaction.

5 years from now, if money were no object, where would you like to see your brand and what would it represent? 

I think I’d like Saltee to be globally recognised as an expert SPF brand with products suited to all locations and skin tones and be an enabler for people all over the world to enjoy the sun responsibly and safely.

Finally, what is an easy life hack that you think men with dry skin should use to look and feel better?

I have mild dermatitis in my T-zone and for years was prescribed steroid-based creams to keep it under control – more recently I’ve started using zinc-based moisturisers that have really helped to repair the skin where the dryness occurs.

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