Decoding skincare for men
Lucy Thorpe
Jun 2, 2021
3 mins reading

Decoding skincare for men

New to skincare for men? It might seem like it’s complicated at first so we wanted to help you get your head around how to build a routine your skin will love.

Healthy skin looks even, radiant and is free from damage. Your skin should feel hydrated and balanced, regardless of your skin type. It’s important to remember that age makes a difference to the way your skin looks, as does your lifestyle and environment (especially exposure to the sun).

A skincare routine helps you to look and feel your best, can make you feel more confident and is a form of self care that you can use to unwind and relax. It doesn’t have to be complex or overwhelming either. Let’s talk about how you can start to take care of your skin and build up those healthy habits.

Skincare for Men – Building a Routine

There are four essential products that you need as part of any skin care regimen:

  • Cleanser – this removes dirt, impurities and oils from the skin. Usually specially formulated for your face and used twice a day. Avoid harsh cleansers and soaps that strip the skin.
  • Exfoliant – also known as a scrub, this sloughs away dead skin cells. Exfoliation will leave your skin looking brighter, help your skin to renew, prevent ingrown hairs, stop clogged pores and leave your skin feeling smoother. Use 1-2 times per week,
  • Moisturiser – adds moisture back into your skin, which can help it to look younger and healthier. You need to apply moisturiser twice a day, and you may even want to apply a richer moisturiser at night.
  • SPF – sun damage causes premature ageing of the skin, dark spots and can lead to serious issues like skin cancer. SPF should always be part of your skincare routine, especially if you spend a significant amount of time outside. You should re-apply throughout the day and use at least SPF 30.

A skincare routine helps you to look and feel your best, can make you feel more confident and is a form of self care that you can use to unwind and relax.

These are the four products that will make your skin look (and feel) way better. If you want to keep it really simple - go for these products and apply them in the order above. This process is really easy and will take you around 5 minutes each day to apply.

If you want to take your routine a little further, you have specific skincare concerns or you want to get really noticeable results, then there are some additional skincare products that will really help you to boost your skin:

  • Toner – used after cleansing to remove any leftover dirt. It also balances the pH of your skin. Toner should be used once a day, ideally in the morning after cleansing and exfoliating.
  • Serum – this adds a boost of nutrients to your skin for added glow and healthy-looking skin. Apply daily before moisturiser.
  • Eye Cream – the area around the eyes is where skin is the thinnest and most delicate and where signs of premature ageing show first. Using an eye cream can be a great preventative measure to keep the area around your eyes moisturised and wrinkle-free for longer.
  • Mask – face masks come in lots of different types and are usually used to refresh, revitalise, moisturise or temporarily add glow to your skin.

You don’t need to use all of these products every day, but adding them into your routine and making the time to be consistent will help you to see results.

Now that you’ve nailed the basics, it’s time to start building your skincare routine. Check out the range of products in our skincare products for men collection.