Best Premium SPF Moisturisers For Men (2022)
Alexandra Palmer
Feb 24, 2022
3 mins reading

Best Premium SPF Moisturisers For Men (2022)

Whether you're a cleanse-and-go kind of guy or have got your skincare on the lockdown, if there's one thing you should add to your daily routine today, it's a quality SPF moisturiser. And here's why…

Why Should You Use SPF Moisturiser?

We all know that moisturisers keep your skin hydrated and feeling soft, but there's more to these miracle creams besides the obvious anti-ageing qualities. They also help balance, nourish, and protect your skin against daily pollutants and free radicals, helping to prevent flare-ups and painful skin conditions such as acne or eczema.

On the other hand, sunscreen defends your skin specifically against the harmful UVA and UVB rays emitted by the sun. Why is this so important? Well, sunlight is one of our primary sources of Vitamin D, which helps keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy. So while safe levels of sunlight are good for us, overexposure can lead to sunburn, premature ageing and, in extreme cases – skin cancer.

And don't forget the sun's rays can reach us even when the sky is overcast, so it's a good idea to build sun protection into your daily routine, come cloud or shine. SPF moisturisers are a low-key way of achieving optimal skin health.

But what do those numbers actually mean?

SPF numbers range from 2 to 50 (although some sunscreens now offer SPF50+) and describe how effectively a sunscreen offers sunburn protection. So wearing SPF30 sunscreen would protect your skin against sunburn for thirty times as long as if you went without sun protection at all.

SPF Moisturisers vs Sun Cream 

So why choose an SPF moisturiser over a sun cream? Well, if you've ever accidentally rubbed sunscreen in your eyes, we know your pain! In the same way, you use a separate facial cleanser and body wash, we recommend using a separate sunscreen for your face. The skin on our face, particularly around the eyes, is more sensitive than other areas, and SPF moisturisers are usually gentler on the skin and easier to apply. 

Moisturisers contain higher quality formulations than sunscreens designed specifically for your face, such as hydrating, nourishing and, anti-ageing ingredients. But rather than doubling up with a moisturiser and sunscreen, choose a product that does both.

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The Best Premium SPF Moisturisers for Men 

Not sure which SPF moisturiser is for you? Don't worry, we've done the hard work for you. Whether you spend your days hopping on and off the tube, sweating on the pitch or soaking up the sun, here are our top picks:

Best Daily Use SPF Moisturisers

Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturizer SPF 20 | Humānery 

Jack Black Double-Duty Face Moisturiser SPF 20

This double-duty combo is jam-packed with nourishing goodness to help keep your skin hydrated and healthy day in, day out! Vitamins A and E deliver a dose of antioxidants to the skin, while Blue Algae soothes the skin's surface. Not to forget the added SPF20, which provides essential sun protection and reduces the effects of premature ageing.

Price: Was £32.00 | Now £22.00

Ra. Men's Care - Shield Protective Moisturiser | Humānery

Ra. Men's Care - Shield Protective Moisturiser

Lightweight and non-greasy, this moisturiser is the perfect all-rounder to complete your daily skincare routine. Enriched with nourishing and protecting ingredients such as Vitamin E and Jojoba oil, use this shield and leave your skin looking visibly smoother. And whilst you're at it, boost your skin's defences against premature ageing with added SPF25.

Price: Was £19.99 | Now £16.99

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Best Beach Day SPF Moisturiser 

 Saltee SPF30 Sea & Sun Lotion | Humānery

Saltee SPF30 Sea & Sun Lotion

Designed with sun worshippers in mind, this SPF moisturiser and sun lotion is a beach day essential, enriched with coconut oil and aloe. Keep your skin quenched and protected against sun and wind exposure while you lay back and catch some rays. And with unique MelinOil as a tan accelerator, your bronzing A-Game won't be interfered with. Ready to cool off in the sea? This water-resistant formulation has got you covered.

Price: £35.00

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Best Sports & Activity SPF Moisturiser

 Saltee SPF30 Active Sun Lotion | Humānery

Saltee SPF30 Active Sun Lotion

This SPF sun lotion, infused with soothing natural ingredients such as jojoba and grapeseed, is designed to complement the active lifestyle. Water and sweat-resistant ingredients calm and soothe adventure-tired muscles while Nordic pine bark, rice extract and birch water provide added protection from hyperpigmentation. Whether you're spending a day on the pitch or taking an early morning hike, we've got you.

Price: £35.00


Best Full Protection Weekend Set

 LifeJacket Weekender Skincare Set | Humānery

LifeJacket Weekender Set

Make the weekend yours, and whatever you make of it, the LifeJacket Weekender trio has got you covered. Hydrate your skin with the lightweight, water-resistant 2-in-1 Daily Protection Moisturiser SPF 30, while the Daily Repair Moisturiser makes the perfect post-shave recovery lotion. And for those impromptu days spent in the sun, you'll be glad you packed the non-greasy, fuss-free SPF50 Sun Gel.

Price: £39.00

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