Charlotte Howes – 08/04/2022

4 Best Moisturisers & SPF For Men With Combination Skin (2022)

If combination skin is something that you struggle with on a day-to-day basis, we have plenty of products to help you with all of your skincare needs. These products will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalised, and most importantly like a new man!

What is Combination Skin?

Do you notice your face being dry, flaky, red, and tight? Or is it oily and shiny with large pores? If you have problems with acne (or all of the above) then you might have combination skin.

Combination skin is something that affects many of us, it can be identified as normal skin which happens to be oily in some areas and dry in others. Whilst it is common to have an oily T-zone (your forehead and nose bridge) and dry cheeks, non-uniform oil production could be a sign of combination skin. It is usually genetically predetermined but it can change with hormonal and seasonal shifts.

No fear though, this is something that can be managed if we look at the causes of combination skin and target with the right products.

What Causes Combination Skin?

Genetics can affect every aspect of our lives, unsurprisingly this includes our skin and the balance of oil production in our faces. This means that some people can be more predisposed to combination skin, for instance, if your father has combination skin then the odds are you will too. Luckily there are things we can do to help.

As with most things, hormones can affect combination skin. Dr. Neal Shultz, a board-certified dermatologist believes that oil secretion is directly related to male hormones and the shifting phases of this hormone result in the body overcompensating by producing too much oil, particularly noticeable on the face.

External factors like heat & humidity. Something else that can heavily impact combination skin is the environment. Humidity, as expressed by Dr. Michele Ferber, another board-certified dermatologist, will always affect combination skin. High humidity conditions can cause the sweat glands to create more sweat, therefore leaving the skin looking more oily and feeling moister, whilst low humidity leads to dehydration and increased sensitivity and even irritation on the face.

Harsh products which break down the skin barrier. It should go without saying that harsh products can harm the skin. Certain products will strip down the skin’s natural barrier and therefore leave the skin more prone to becoming oily or dry.

The final one and it’s a biggie! Mostly because it is very difficult to avoid on a day to day basis. Stress and anxiety, as well as affecting mental health, can also harm the skin and cause combination skin. Stress and anxiety can work alongside hormones causing combination skin.

Don’t fear though! Because while we know the causes, we also know what we can do to help deal with them. The simplest answer is to moisturise and protect. Keep reading for extra tips as well as our top picks for best-looking skin. 

Added Tips

Do not exfoliate frequently. Some might think more exfoliation is better but it could do more harm than good since over-drying the skin can cause irritation and eventually lead to even more complex skin problems.

Use an oil-removing cleanser at night. Sleeping is without a doubt the best time to undertake prolonged processes. When else will we get the chance to simply relax and let our skin do its work?

Moisturising is key. To keep a consistent skin type and heal any damaged skin, it’s vital that the skin stays appropriately moisturised. The careful use of moisturising products could help with combination skin, and create a more regular skin type.

SPF is a must daily. It should surprise no one that the sun can really do a number on our skin. We’re exposed to it every day and it could break down our skin’s natural barrier. So it is absolutely vital to protect our skin, particularly sensitive areas such as our faces. Which, as you guessed correctly, is the area where combination skin can be most noticeable.

Best Moisturisers & SPF For Combination Skin

Key Ingredients: Squalane, Vitamins A, B, C and E, Retinol Palmitate, Niacinamide

Usage: 1-2 pumps on freshly washed skin, evenly massage over your face and neck, in a circular motion.

Description: A squalene-based formula mimicking the skin's sebum, enriched with moisturising oils and harmonious waxes. Squalene works to reduce redness and accentuated pores. We love that it has maximum absorbency, a non-greasy formula, and comes in a chic bottle design.

Price: £56.00

Raw Naturals The Grease-Free Face Cream
Raw Naturals The Grease-Free Face Cream

Raw Naturals The Grease-Free Face Cream

Key Ingredients: Cinnamon, Burnet, and Ginger

Usage: For best results apply day or night to freshly cleansed and dried skin, once the cream is absorbed enjoy a perfect matte finish.

Description: A light yet ultra-hydrating moisturiser, friendly to your skin and the planet, controlling the oils of the face to reduce pore size, resulting in a silky matte finish. Suitable for both day and nightwear it can be used as a base layer under cosmetics, or on its own.

Price: £12.99

D'ALCHÉMY All-Over Blemish Solution Face Cream
D'ALCHÉMY All-Over Blemish Solution Face Cream

D'ALCHÉMY All-Over Blemish Solution Face Cream

Key Ingredients: Mastic Tree Resin, Neroli, Lemon, Verbena Hydrosols and Bamboo Extract.

Usage: Apply to cleansed skin, morning and night. The product should be applied to the neck and face, being gently massaged in until absorbed.

Description: The All Over Blemish Solution combats blemishes and controls sebum production, helping to soothe inflammation and prevent infection with antibacterial properties. It balances oily complexions and helps to control shine, with the added bonus of anti-acne properties. This blemish solution will help control your skin’s sebum levels, keeping breakouts at bay.

Price: £40.00

Key Ingredients: Glycerin, Methylene, Aqua

Usage: Apply to freshly washed skin, gently massaging into the face until fully absorbed. Allow a couple of minutes for the formula to sink in. Use every night, after training, and as a post-shave moisturiser for best results and maximum UV protection.

Description: This daily repair moisturiser is designed to bring dull, tired skin back to life. Its fast-absorbing formula works to repair skin overnight, it contains water-resistant and active ingredients to protect against pollutants and free radicals. All of LifeJacket’s products are cruelty and paraben-free.

Price: £15.00