Best Men's Shower Gels, Body Wash & Bar Soaps 2022
Lucy Thorpe
Jan 20, 2022
5 mins reading

Best Men's Shower Gels, Body Wash & Bar Soaps 2022

Shower gels, body wash, and bar soaps are probably top of the list when it comes to grooming must-haves. However low-key your routine is, it’s pretty likely that you’ll be using at least one of these products daily.  best shower gel, body wash, or soap for your skin? Let’s break down your options.

What's The Difference Between Shower Gel, Body Wash, and Bar Soap?

You might not think too much about the differences between each product, but there are some key ones. Shower gels tend to be a dense gel consistency whereas body washes are more likely to lather lightly and feel like soap on the skin. Bar soap is a traditional square, round or oval-shaped bar of soap that lathers up on the skin or sponge. 

With that in mind, let’s briefly recap some of the skin types and concerns that you might want to address in your shower routine.

Skin Types In Relation To Shower Routine

  • Dry skin often feels tight (especially after washing), rough and can crack. It tends to look dull and you might notice lines and wrinkles forming where the skin is exposed to the sun. Your skin might also look flaky or ashy if you have darker skin. Dry skin is lacking in moisture and hydration so usually needs products that rebalance and add hydration.

  • Oily skin is caused by an overproduction of natural oils (also known as sebum) in the skin. It can leave skin looking shiny and greasy, leaving it prone to blocked pores, large pores, and acne. You might find that products slide off your skin or you feel self-conscious about the texture of your skin. The good news is that oily skin is often less prone to wrinkles.

  • Acne-prone skin can feel painful, inflamed, and may look red. There are usually blemishes, blocked pores, and you may find that your pores look more visible. Acne can appear anywhere on the body, though it’s common on the back, chest, and face.

  • Sensitive skin is skin that is reactive to certain products, ingredients or chemicals. You might find that your skin feels painful, sore, inflamed or red. Sensitive skin can be dry, oily or acne-prone as well as sensitive.

Different types of shower products and formulations can help with different skin types or concerns.

Body wash can be more hydrating and gentle on the skin so can be a better choice if you have dry or sensitive skin. Shower gel can be slightly more drying. Bar soap can be even more drying still, so can be good for oily skin types - however, you need to be careful it doesn’t strip the natural oils from your skin’s surface. 

At Humanery, we stock a range of independent, premium body care products from lots of different brands to suit your routine. Whether you’re looking for your perfect shower gel, body wash or bar soap, you’ll find it in our curated collection of men’s body care products to help you feel fresh and smell great all day.

Overview Of Shower Products

Let’s take a closer look at each type of shower product so that you can decide which one works best for you, your skin, and your daily routine.

Shower Gels

Great For: Combination or normal skin, best for use during spring and summer.

Shower gels are usually high performance, scented and easy to use in warmer months. They’re great for travel and convenient if your exercise routine means you’re showering on the go. Shower gels usually include similar ingredients to soap such as water, betaine and sodium laureth sulphate.

Milk & Cream-Based Body Wash

Great For: Dry skin that needs some TLC, especially during autumn and winter.

Milk and cream-based body washes are usually hydrating, moisturising and nourishing. They’re ideal for colder months where skin may feel dry. Milk or cream-based body washes usually include similar ingredients to soap such as water, betaine and sodium laureth sulphate, though with additional ingredients like oils and vitamins to hydrate.

Bar Soaps

Great For: Oily or congested skin.

Bar soaps can be organic, natural or herbal and are often a favorite of those who prefer a more artisan or hand-made vibe. They can also generate less waste than other products that are packaged in plastic. Bar soaps usually includes traditional ingredients like water, betaine and sodium laureth sulphate but can also contain herbs, plants or other materials.

Our Top Picks Based On Each Category and Skin Type 

Shower Gels & Body Wash

MESOA Energising Shower Gel | Humānery

1. MESOA Energising Shower Gel

Type: Shower Gel
Great For: Acne and Irritated Skin
Fragrance: Coconut, sandalwood and mandarin
Key Ingredients: Seaweed, coconut oil, essential oils and rewopol

Naturally derived and filled with beautifully fragranced essential oils, MESOA exists for modern-day men.

Price: £10.99

Bahiap Botanical Body Wash - Pine Leaf, Neroli Blossom, Juniper Berry | Humānery

2. Bahiap Botanical Body Wash - Pine Leaf, Neroli Blossom, Juniper Berry

Type: Body Wash
Great For: Dry Skin
Fragrance: Pine, neroli blossom and juniper berry
Key Ingredients: Vitamin E and botanical oils

Bahiap focuses on self-care, botanical formulations and natural products that are made in small batches with care.

Price: £24.00

Raw Naturals Pale Ale Shower Gel | Humānery

3. Raw Naturals Pale Ale Shower Gel

Type: Shower Gel
Great For: All Skin Types
Fragrance: Hops and apples
Key Ingredients: Hop extracts and apple amino acids

Raw Naturals create natural products with organic ingredients and gentle formulations with no harsh chemicals.

Price: £9.99

HEATH Hair & Body Wash Collection | Humānery

4. HEATH Hair & Body Wash Collection

Type: Body Wash
Great For: Hair and Body
Fragrance: Ginseng, green tea and papaya
Key Ingredients: Cactus, creatine, ginseng extract and green tea extract

HEATH delivers men’s beauty products that work for an urban lifestyle but want to benefit from natural and active ingredients without harsh chemicals.

Price: £36.00


5. Messiah and Eve Body Cleanser .01

Type: Shower Gel
Great For: Dry Skin
Fragrance: Bergamot, jasmine and leather
Key Ingredients: Vitamin B5, marula oil and Waterin

MESSIAH and EVE focus on vegan-friendly ingredients that are never tested on animals, using sustainable packaging and naturally derived ingredients.

Price: £21.00

Saunders & Long Moisturising Body Wash | Humānery

6. Saunders & Long Moisturising Body Wash

Type: Body Wash
Great For: Dry Skin
Fragrance: Light and refreshing
Key Ingredients: Glycerin and essential oils

Simple, light formulations with a focus on effortlessly combining premium ingredients, performance and style.

Price: £19.00

Frances Prescott Tri-Body | Humānery

7. Frances Prescott Tri-Body

Type: Body Wash
Great For: All Skin Types
Fragrance: Black pepper and ylang ylang
Key Ingredients: Essential oils, pomegranate seed oil, rice bran oil and seaweed extracts

Frances Prescott creates products that look to heal the skin’s natural barrier without harmful chemicals, parabens, silicones and synthetics.

Price: £50.00

(MALIN+GOETZ) Rum Hand+Body Wash | Humānery

8. (MALIN+GOETZ) Rum Hand+Body Wash 

Type: Body Wash
Great For: Sensitive Skin
Fragrance: Lemon, orange and rum
Key Ingredients: Glycerin and citric acid

MALIN+GOETZ combines luxury and simplicity with natural ingredients and advanced technology. Suitable for all skin types (even sensitive) and made for all genders.

Price: £19.00

JASON Men's Ocean Sport Body Wash | Humānery

9. JASON Men's Ocean Sport Body Wash

Type: Shower Gel
Great For: Hair and Body
Fragrance: Citrus, patchouli and vanilla
Key Ingredients: Algae and aloe vera-based

JASON focuses on healing, natural cosmetic products that work for everyone. They’re true to their California roots and research- formulations.

Price: £11.99

ClarinsMen Shampoo and Shower | Humānery

10. Clarins Men Shampoo and Shower

Type: Shower Gel
Great For: Hair and Body
Fragrance: Natural and green
Key Ingredients: Provitamin B5

Clarins Men focus on high-performance beauty, with exquisite ingredients and a focus on results.

Price: £19.00

Bar Soaps

 Object® Cleansing Bar | Humānery

11. Object Cleansing Bar

Type: Bar Soap
Great For: All Skin Types
Fragrance: Citrus, lavender, orange, patchouli and woody
Key Ingredients: Avocado, jojoba oil, oat extract

Object is a sustainable, ethical and natural solution to your skincare routine with a focus on luxury providing their entire range as bar products.

Price: £14.00

Ra. Men's Care - The Everyday Cleansing Bar | Humānery

 12. Ra. Men's Care - The Everyday Cleansing Bar

Type: Bar Soap
Great For: Oily Skin
Fragrance: Lemongrass
Key Ingredients: Bentonite clay, essential oils and grapefruit oil

Ra. Men’s Care is designed with science at the core to transform and simplify your skincare routines.

Price: Was £9.00 | Now £7.65