Bath & Body Routine For Men (2022)
Lucy Thorpe
Feb 27, 2022
6 mins reading

Bath & Body Routine For Men (2022)

You may have a skincare routine for your face that you’re happy with, but what about your body? If you’re a shower-and-go kind of guy or hopping in the shower is only something you think about after a particularly heavy gym session then it might be time to up your bath and body routine with our shower tips.

Common Shower Mistakes

So you’ve been showering for your whole life and you’re pretty sure you’re up to speed, right? It might seem simple but there are some pretty common shower mistakes that people make in their daily routine. Let’s take a look at where you might be going wrong in your bath and body routine.

Overly Hot Shower

A shower that’s too hot can strip the natural moisture and oils from your skin, leaving you with broken veins and upsetting the delicate balance of your skin’s natural ecosystem.

Tip: If your skin feels dry and tight after you shower, turn down the heat to see the difference. This goes for baths and central heating too. It might also be worth trying out a shot of cold water at the end of your shower, it can actually be refreshing and great for your hair and skin. 

Showering Too Long

If you love a long shower, you might want to rethink. 5-10 minutes is enough time to cleanse your body and hydrate the skin without overdoing it. Like showering in high temperatures, showering for too long can strip away your natural oils, leaving the skin unbalanced and prone to feeling dry and tight.

Tip: A shorter shower can be better for your skin and wastes less water - it’s estimated that the average power shower uses as much as 13 litres of water per minute. So you do the math and help save water.

Harsh Products

Using harsh products can leave your skin dried out, uncomfortable, and compromised. It can lead to a dry scalp, dandruff, and brittle hair. Harsh ingredients lead to allergic reactions causing damage and discomfort to your skin and hair.

Tip: Avoid toxic ingredients like formaldehyde, propylene glycol and triclosan in favour of natural cleansing ingredients which are much gentler and kinder in treating your skin.

Scrubbing Your Skin Too Much

Scrubbing your skin or using harsh physical exfoliators like scrubs often leads to damage and disruption of your skin barrier. Plus, scrubbing too often leads to skin feeling dry, damaged, and susceptible to infections.

Tip: Try using a loofah or a gentle scrub 1-2 times per week, using gentle movements, to slough away dead skin without damage.

Exposing Yourself To Bacteria

Damp environments and surfaces can be a breeding ground for bacteria. If this grows on your sponge, razors, or loofah then you run the risk of spreading this all over your body.

Tip: Try storing your shower accessories away from the showering cubicle to allow them to fully dry and make sure that you’re keeping them clean between uses, replacing them regularly to make sure they stay fresh.

Not Using Conditioner

If you use shampoo — and you should be using shampoo on your hair, not just using the usual shower gel that you’d use on your body — then you need to be using conditioner to keep your hair moisturised and healthy. Conditioners replenish lost moisture and add shine to your hair.

Tip: Add a conditioner into your shower routine to feel the benefits when it comes to taking care of your hair. Find one suitable to your hair type here.

Not Rinsing Properly

If you don’t rinse your hair and skin properly after a shower then you might find that this leads to flakes, residue, and skin irritation. Shampoos, conditioners, and shower gels are designed to cleanse the dirt from the body and hair. By not rinsing thoroughly you’re not letting these products do their job properly.

Tip: Not rinsing can also leave you with clogged pores and acne on your body, so rinse thoroughly at the end of your shower.

Bath & Body Routine Essentials

While helping you to discover where you might be making mistakes in your bath and body routine, we’ve also developed a Routine Essentials filter that makes it easy to find the right products alongside enabling you to build your bath & body routine.

Step 1: Soap & Wash

 James + Jake Out Of The Blue | Energy Elevating Body Wash | Humānery

1. James + Jake Out Of The Blue | Energy Elevating Body Wash

Product Type: Body Wash
Fragrance: Black Pepper, Ginger, Grapefruit, Juniper
Key Ingredients: Juniper oil, bergamot oil, sandalwood oil and linalool
Description: This body wash helps to protect your skin from damage and excess bacteria whilst keeping it nourished, clean and balanced. James + Jake focus on nutrient-rich ingredients and clean formulations to help support your skin.

Price: £19.00

Namsû 002 Body Wash Starter Kit | Labdanum & Cedar | Humānery

2. Namsû 002 Body Wash Starter Kit | Labdanum & Cedar

Product Type: Body Wash
Fragrance: Cedar, Labdanum
Key Ingredients: Prebiotics and probiotics
Description: Suitable for sensitive skin, this body wash helps to stabilise the body’s natural microbiome, leaving the skin feeling balanced and nourished. Namsû is all about self-care, balance and holistic wellbeing.

Price: £35.00

Object® Cleansing Bar Soap | Humānery

3. Object® Cleansing Bar Soap

Product Type: Bar Soap
Fragrance: Citrus, Lavender, Orange, Patchouli, Woody
Key Ingredients: Avocado, jojoba oil, and oat extracts.
Description: This gentle bar cleanser blends vitamins, minerals and plant-based ingredients to strengthen the skin’s natural barriers and relieve severe skin conditions. Object® are dedicated to ethical, plastic-free skincare products that rebalance the skin.

Price: £14.00

Step 2: Exfoliant

 Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub | Humānery

4. Aesop Geranium Leaf Body Scrub

Product Type: Body Scrub
Fragrance: Garden of Geraniums, Spa-like
Key Ingredients: Bamboo stem, pumice stone, and geranium leaf.
Description: This gentle, refreshing scrub helps to cleanse, smoothen, and soften the skin. It’s relaxing to use and great for self-care. Aesop creates skin, hair, and body care formulations with meticulous attention to detail, efficacy and sensory pleasure in mind.

Price: £27.00

Jack Black Turbo Body Scrub | Humānery

5. Jack Black Turbo Body Scrub

Product Type: Body Scrub
Fragrance: Eucalyptus
Key Ingredients: Arnica, sea salt, and shea butter.
Description: This multipurpose product acts as a scrub, moisturiser and muscle relaxer all in one. Jack Black focuses on natural ingredients.

Price: £32.00

Step 3: Moisturiser

 D'ALCHÉMY Essential Body Balm | Humānery

6. D'ALCHÉMY Essential Body Balm

Product Type: Body Moisturiser
Fragrance: Lemon, Neroli, Verbena
Key Ingredients: Acerola extract, almond oil, argan oil, shea butter, and witch hazel.
Description: This lightweight body balm locks in hydration, protects the skin, and leaves it feeling smooth and soft. D'ALCHÉMY’s formulations offer rigorously tested & organically grown natural ingredients.

Price: £58.60

MESSIAH and EVE BODY CREAM .01 | Humānery


Product Type: Body Cream
Fragrance: Bergamot, Jasmine, Leathery, Pepper, Woody
Key Ingredients: Avocado oil, jojoba oil, squalane, and vitamin B5.
Description: This body cream which has been named one of the best body creams/ lotions by GQ smoothes and softens the skin, locking in moisture and hydration. MESSIAH and EVE combine luxury with functionality.

Price: £25.00

Step 4: Deodorant & Antiperspirants

 JASON Men's Forest Fresh Deodorant Spray | Humānery

8. JASON Men's Forest Fresh Deodorant Spray

Product Type: Deodorant Spray
Fragrance: Bergamot, Eucalyptus
Key Ingredients: Alcohol Denat, Diheptyl Succinate, Caprylol Glycerin/ Sebacic Acid.
Description: This gentle, paraben-free formula has a 24-hour freshness guarantee and is enriched with natural oils that soothe, nourish, and protect. Jason believes in working with nature and benefiting the environment.

Price: £8.99

(MALIN+GOETZ) bergamot deodorant | Humānery

9. (MALIN+GOETZ) bergamot deodorant

Product Type: Deodorant Stick
Fragrance: Bergamot
Key Ingredients: Corn starch, prebiotics, and enzymes.
Description: This vegan deodorant is infused with prebiotic enzymes and corn start to help fight body odour. MALIN+GOETZ is the quintessential uncomplicated luxury skincare and fragrance brand.

Price: £19.00

Step 5: Sun Protection

 Saltee SPF30 Sea & Sun Lotion | Humānery

10. SALTEE SPF30 Sea & Sun Lotion

Product Type: Sunblock
Key Ingredients: Aloe vera, coconut oil, and melin oil.
Description: This lotion protects the skin from ultra-high UVA and UVB rays as well as moisturises the skin. Saltee Skincare creates luxury SPF products that are easy to apply, deeply nourishing, and protective.

Price: £35.00

LifeJacket SPF30 Sun Gel | Humānery

11. LifeJacket SPF30 Sun Gel

Product Type: Sunblock
Description: Used by professional athletes, this lightweight, non-greasy formula quickly absorbs into the skin, including protective properties that fight against pollutants and free radicals. LifeJacket Skin Protection is on a mission to halt skin cancer and help men look after their skin health.

Price: £14.00

Indulge In A Bath 

If you require relaxation and some downtime, then a bath can provide the perfect boost of self-care. Check out BAVE and its range of bath products. They harness nature’s best vegan and cruelty-free products in recycled packaging and delicious, aromatic formulations.

 BAVE Ultimate Bath Set | Humānery

12. BAVE Ultimate Bath Set 

Product TypeBath Salt & Bath Soak
 This set contains all that your bathing routine needs to include. It features a selection of BAVE's core bath soaks and salts, plus the BAVE Guide: The Ultimate Bathing Bible, and a collectable BAVE Rubber Duck. It contains everything you need to relax, restore, and recharge your body with – Vibrant fragrances and therapeutic ingredients like dead sea salt and Epsom salt.

Hand Care 

Your hands are always on show and exposed to the sun. Keep your hands hydrated and protected from premature ageing and sun damage by cleaning and hydrating them. This is even more essential if you hit the gym or work with your hands.

 Pelegrims Hand Cleanser | Humānery

13. Pelegrims Hand Cleanser

Product Type: Hand Wash
Fragrance: Rose, Tomato
Key Ingredients: Squalane, grape seed extract, and glycerin.
Description: Pelegrims Hand Cleanser is enriched with natural ingredients and a gentle exfoliator to exfoliate, regenerate, and hydrate. Pelegrims focus on sustainability, nature, and quality ingredients used in wine-making.

Price: £19.00

HEATH Hand Salve | Humānery

14. HEATH Hand Salve

Product Type: Hand Salve
Fragrance: Lavender & mint
Key Ingredients: Allantoin and shea butter.
Description: This ultra-nourishing hand salve helps to keep hands fresh, radiant, and ageless whilst protecting them from the environment. HEATH uses natural ingredients to keep you looking good.

Price: £10.00