12 of the Best Men’s Grooming Gift Sets This Christmas
Lucy Thorpe
Dec 17, 2021
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12 of the Best Men’s Grooming Gift Sets This Christmas

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for the man in your life isn’t always easy. There’s so much choice out there that it can be tough to cut through the noise and find something that they really want.

Gifting For Him Made Easy

A beauty or grooming gift is a great way to show you care and fits in with almost any budget. It’s also one of the best ways to encourage healthy habits like building a skincare routine, taking time for self-care and addressing concerns such as ageing, shaving or acne. It’s a luxurious and indulgent treat that they might not otherwise think to buy for themselves.

Check out our selection of the Best Christmas Gifts for Him, and help the men in your life become the best versions of themselves. And if you’re still not sure what to get them after taking a look at this list, a Humanery Digital Gift Card would be the perfect gift so that they can choose a premium beauty gift that they really want this year.

Our Top Picks for Men’s Grooming Gift Sets

At Humanery, we’ve hand-selected and curated a collection of grooming and beauty gifts that we know any man would love to have in their Christmas stocking. What better way to dive into the new year than with an elevated beauty, self-care and grooming regime to be better groomed in 2022!

ADAM Grooming Atelier Christmas Gift Set Humanery

1. ADAM Grooming Atelier Christmas Gift Set

ADAM Grooming Atelier is a London barber inspired by the traditions of Turkish and Roman barbering. They celebrate craftsmanship, grooming rituals and innovation with their range of grooming and self-care products. The ADAM Grooming Atelier Christmas Gift Set boasts some of the brand’s best-selling products. It includes their Eau De Parfum Celebi, which combines bergamot, cedarwood, cinnamon and tobacco leaf to create a lightly spiced, woody scent that evokes memories of opening an exotic spice chest. It’s a long-lasting, stylish fragrance exudes luxury and sophistication. The set also includes the ADAM Razor and Brush Set, featuring a pure badger hair brush that works to buff the skin to create a smooth, effective and effortless shave. The safety razor is perfect for a timeless, close shave with the precision and convenience that you need from an at-home shaving product. You also receive 10 replacement blades for your convenience. It’s a more sustainable alternative to disposable razors and shaves beautifully.

ADAM Grooming Atelier Christmas Gift Set | £180 (save £45 compared to buying each item separately).

Raw Naturals Face & Beard Care Kit Humanery

2. Raw Naturals Face & Beard Care Kit

Raw Naturals is a natural skincare, body care, hair and shaving range that’s made ethically and in small batches—like a microbrewery, but for skincare. They emphasize a modern approach to grooming and beard care, with all of their products developed and manufactured in state-of-the-art production facilities in Sweden.

The Raw Naturals Face & Beard Care Kit includes everything needed for both skin and beard care (even on the go):

  • Rustic Beard Shampoo & Conditioner – a naturally hydrating beard wash made with subtle cleansing agents derived from apple

  • Glacier Water Facial Cleansing Fluid – a soothing men's face wash for all skin types, offering a deep and gentle clean

  • The Imperial Beard Oil – a natural growth oil designed to condition and soften your beard

  • Storm Proof Beard Balm – a nourishing recipe to help maintain the shape and style of your beard

  • Canvas Wash Bag – designed to carry and protect the Face and Beard Care Kit for your travels

Raw Naturals Face & Beard Care Kit | £44

SmileTime Christmas Teeth Whitening Set Humanery

3. SmileTime Christmas Teeth Whitening Set 

Give the gift of a whiter smile this festive season. Many men are choosing to take better care of their dental health, including teeth whitening. SmileTime is one of the fastest-growing at-home teeth-whitening brands in the UK and has whitened over 1 million teeth worldwide since they launched in 2019. In the SmileTime Christmas Kit, there’s everything needed for a brighter and whiter smile, safely and effectively at home. The set includes the SmileTime Teeth Whitening Kit (with LED light, gel syringes and whitening trays) as well as their Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder to remove surface stains and prevent new staining. The set also contains bamboo brushes, the perfect sustainable alternative to standard toothbrushes. SmileTime teeth whitening products use an advanced EU formula to remove teeth staining after just one use. They’re designed to remove stains and plaque without damaging enamel and are fully approved for use in the UK. They’re also designed for sensitive teeth.

SmileTime Christmas Teeth Whitening Set | £49.99

Ra. Men’s Care - RA-27 Ultimate Skincare Regime Humanery

4. Ra. Men’s Care - RA-27 Ultimate Skincare Regime

The RA-27 Ultimate Skincare Regime contains the skincare essentials needed to start a great skincare routine from scratch. It contains the Ra. Liquid Exfoliator, Face Serum and Moisturiser, so is ideal for someone just starting on their skincare journey (or even someone looking to scale things back). Ra’s whole philosophy is that you don’t need a shelf-full of products for great skin, and that’s reflected in this skincare set. The exfoliator renews the skin's surface, the serum hydrates and repairs and the Shield SPF Moisturiser softens and protects.

Ra. Men's Care - RA-27 Ultimate Skincare Regime | £49.99

Object® Gift Set Humanery

5. Object® Gift Set

Object is an independent, natural beauty business from the UK focused on creating plastic-free beauty essentials that are kind to the planet. They make sustainable beauty products that work and help the planet, never compromising on their design or effectiveness. The Object® Gift Set contains six of their best-selling products: their Cleansing Bar, Shampoo Bar, Nourishing Conditioner Bar, Concrete Shower Dish and both sizes of their Lightweight Travel Tins. You can even choose which shampoo bar would be like best (rejuvenating, rebalancing or moisturising). The Cleansing Bar keeps the skin moisturised and cleansed; the Shampoo Bars all work to cleanse and rejuvenate hair; and the Nourishing Conditioner Bar hydrates, smoothes and softens your hair and scalp. The Shower Dish and Travel Tins look great and help you pack and protect your products. They’re all made from skin-friendly and natural ingredients using sustainable packaging.

Object® Gift Set | £40

LifeJacket Weekender Set Humanery

6. LifeJacket Weekender Set

LifeJacket creates sun protection and skin care products for men, inspired by their personal experiences with cancer. They believe that protected skin is healthy skin and healthy skin means a happier you—and we agree! The LifeJacket Weekender Set contains a trio of skincare superheroes to help protect and care for your skin, including the prevention of premature ageing and the risk of skin cancer caused by sun damage. It includes the 2-in-1 Daily Protection Moisturiser with SPF30, Daily Repair Moisturiser and lightweight Sun Gel. All are created to boost your skin’s hydration, clear your complexion, protect your skin and make sure you’re wearing daily SPF.

LifeJacket Weekender Set | £39

Humanity Cosmetics Skincare Routine 1 Humanery

7. Humanity Cosmetics Skincare Routine 1

Humanity Cosmetics is a high-end, results-driven skincare range designed for men. They recognised that many men have moved away from using basic skincare and are searching for something more (as well as something less stereotypical). Their products all aim to improve the health and condition of the skin. The Humanity Cosmetics Skincare Routine 1 is a two-step skincare routine to cleanse and moisturise the face. It includes two full-size Humanity Cosmetics essentials: the Humanity Cosmetics Cleansing Gel and Humanity Cosmetics Moisturiser. The set also comes with a Humanity Cosmetics Washbag. They’re built with men’s skin in mind. The Cleansing Gel is formulated with hydrating and deep cleaning ingredients like hyaluronic acid and jellyfish collagen to help moisturise and prevent signs of ageing. The Moisturiser provides all-day hydration, impeccable repair and fights signs of premature ageing.

Humanity Cosmetics Skincare Routine 1 | £90.90

Clinique For Men Daily Essentials Set For Oily Skin

8. Clinique for Men Daily Essentials Set for Oily Skin

Clinique was founded in 1968, with skincare first on its agenda. They create safe, effective formulations that deliver remarkable results. They’re available in hundreds of countries worldwide, and sell one of their hero moisturisers (Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion) every 6 seconds. Clinique for Men Daily Essentials Set for Oily Skin is a collection of Clinique's 4 best custom formulas all in one kit. The set contains the Clinique For Men™ Oil-Control Face Wash, Clinique For Men™ Face Scrub, Clinique For Men™ Oil-Control Mattifying Moisturiser, and Clinique For Men™ Anti-Age Eye Cream. Used together as part of a daily skincare routine, your gift recipient will notice how these specially formulated products regulate sebum production to ensure moisturised skin that doesn't feel too greasy. It’s perfect for those looking for oil control without stripping their skin.

Clinique for Men Daily Essentials Set for Oily Skin | £85

RUFFIANS Ultimate Hair Survival Kit Humanery

9. Ruffians Ultimate Hair Survival Kit

Born from an award-winning chain of UK barber shops, the experts at Ruffians create effective hair and beard care products for men with a focus on natural ingredients and science-based formulations. The Ruffians Ultimate Hair Survival Kit is the ideal gift if your man is into taking care of his hair. The kit contains everything they need to style their hair to their heart’s content including the Hair Cream, Matt Clay, Hair Powder, Styling Paste and Marine Salt Spray. They can experiment with as many different styles and techniques as they can think of with this kit. Even better, the products all use premium ingredients for optimum scalp care, hair health and hair growth.

Ruffians Ultimate Hair Survival Kit | £60

Aesop The Listener Gift Kit - Complete Geranium Leaf Body Care Humanery

10. Aesop ‘The Listener’ Gift Kit – Complete Geranium Leaf Body Care

Aesop is all about formulating the finest skin care, hair and body care products, combining plant-based and laboratory researched ingredients to balance safety with effectiveness, sensory pleasure and attention to detail. They also care about the planet, creating sustainable products. Aesop’s ‘The Listener’ Gift Kit is a beautiful collection of body care formulations from their Geranium Leaf range. It’s an exquisite fan favourite and the range remains one of Aesop’s top sellers. It contains The Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser, The Geranium Leaf Body Balm and the Geranium Leaf Body Scrub. These products all work together to ensure that your skin is left clean, smooth and soft with a fresh citrus fragrance that revitalises and energises.

Aesop ‘The Listener’ Gift Kit | £60

TenT HAIR + SKIN Set Humanery

11. TenT [HAIR + SKIN-set]

TenT is designed to focus on wellness and grooming from the inside out, creating products that target specific issues and promote solutions for these issues. They combine nutrition with grooming products to take a holistic approach to wellness and lifestyle. The TenT [HAIR + SKIN-set] includes 60 capsules of their HAIR supplement and 60 capsules of their SKIN supplement. HAIR improves scalp health and encourages healthy hair growth, while SKIN delivers a natural glow from the inside out.

Humans of Humanery Digital Gift Card

12. Humanery Digital Gift Card

Last but not least, if you want to give the gift of choice this Christmas, check out the Humanery Digital Gift Card. The card will allow your friend, partner or loved one to shop everything on-site and choose exactly what they want this year and beyond into 2022.

Humanery Digital Gift Card | £25–£100

The Best Christmas Gifts For Men

When choosing a Christmas gift for the man in your life, think about what they really want, what they need and what fits into their lifestyle. Gift sets for men offer the perfect opportunity for them to try out new products and routines to find their favourites—even if it’s something they wouldn’t necessarily have thought about adding to their regime in the past.

The perfect Christmas gift idea is waiting for you on Humanery, with free shipping on orders over £50.

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